The Secret to Softer, Odor Free Towels

If I could only share one sentence on the secret to softer, odor free towels it would be this…never use fabric softener. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter if you opt for dryer sheets or liquid fabric softeners, they both tend to add more damage than good over time. And if I could give the easiest breakdown of why not, I would give the nail polish scenario. Most of my ladies that get their nails done will understand this more.

Too Much Residue

The keyword here is going to be residue. Imagine going to get your nails done at the salon and you add a top layer protective coat. Then, on the next routine appointment, you add another top layer protective coat but ask them not to remove the polish that is already on your nails. It looks shiny but is not removing the last polish that was applied. By adding this shiny top coat polish over and over again without removing the coating from the last polish, it just looks good on the outside but tends to show some lumpy signs over time. This is what happens when we add fabric softeners to our loads.

What Does Fabric Softener Really Do Over Time to Towels

Towels are washed with soaps and then we add a fabric softener which lays a coating/residue on the fabric fibers to make them softer . These softeners block the fibers ability to stay soft and air out, causing them to have a more scratchy feeling over time.

The Secret to Softer, Odor Free Towels

So, how do you remove the residue from the towels? What is the secret to softer, odor free towels? It’s actually a simple method that I recommend doing every three months to towels, even if you don’t use a fabric softener. Even our use of detergents can build up over time on our towels. So this simple method will strip the towels of the residue so that the fibers can stay clear of additives to absorb and air out more efficiently.

Take one cup of Cleaning Vinegar and place it in the liquid dispenser compartments on the washing machine ensuring each spin setting will release vinegar instead of soap to remove the residue. Be sure to apply an extra rinse cycle at the end. Cleaning Vinegar is stronger than regular vinegar and this is the key.

Now you have stripped your towels as much as you can of all the additives of residue that have built up over the months. They are now ready for a routine wash cycle.

Pro Penny Tip: Less is more. Did you know you only need about two tablespoons of detergent for each normal load? I know they have lines that tell us how much to use, but have you ever thought that this may be to cause you to buy more, rather than use less?

Hard Water in Austin and Surrounding Areas

At Penny’s Personal Touch Services we clean homes in Austin, Georgetown, and surrounding areas and we clean many homes with many different water types. We understand that everyone wants fresh smelling home surfaces but we also understand that everything you spray or apply needs to be removed or it will cause a haze and build up. Providing Austin cleaning services to so many different types of homes has helped us understand what certain surfaces need and don’t need more than the average home owner.

Georgetown, Texas has some of the hardest water and a lot of our clients swear by using fabric softeners. We’ve also noticed that they seem to rebuy towels often, due to the fabric softened towels becoming “scratchy”. They automatically assume it’s from the hard water but it’s a combination of hard water and fabric softeners. The specialized Cleaning Vinegar has 6 % acetic acid that will neutralize odors and dissolve softener residues when used in the steps we recommended above.

Penny’s Personal Touch Pro Tip

Placing a dispenser for your Cleaning Vinegar next to your laundry soap, with easy access is a visual reminder to add a cup in with the load to keep the towel fabric fibers fresh and feeling great.

Why Are Your Bathroom Walls Dripping and Sweating and How To Clean Them!

Why Are My Bathroom Walls Sweating After A Shower?

After posting about water seeping and dripping on bathroom walls on our Weekly Home Tips Instagram Feed (@weeklyhometips) and it went viral with a flood of questions, I knew I had to share more about what I know and what a paint pro shared with me too.

Now let’s clarify here because bathroom wall drips happen in a few ways…

1. One is literally getting out of the shower and drying off. Flinging hair and water randomly just tends to happen. You usually see this at the halfway area of the walls in the bathroom.

2. However, the issue most people are boggled with is the drips on your wall that usually start at the top of the wall and drip down.

Immediately people begin to assume that this mainly happens after a steamy hot shower in a not so well ventilated space. Now, this is part of the issue but not the whole issue.

What Are Those Drips on the Bathroom Walls?

The drips actually have a name called surfactant leaching. Surfactant leaching is a combination of moisture condensing on the walls and extracting surfactants or other soluble compounds from the paint film. Sometimes they can just be washed off and eventually leach out completely. But if you do wash it off a few times and notice it coming back then it’s time to start fresh.

How To Remove Drips on Your Bathroom Walls

Spencer Wieland a Sherwin Williams Representative reached out to me on Instagram after seeing our viral post and shared this knowledge. He said,

“If you have washed it off and then continue with a consistent fan going and proper ventilation in the area it should not come back. But if it does, don’t do another coat of paint because that will bring it back and reintroduce the moisture in another layer of paint.”

He then suggests to, “scuff and sand the surface and repaint with a proper bathroom paint such as Sherwin Williams Duration or Emerald. Anything with moist resistance really helps in the long term with paint choice with low ventilation and for people that take super steamy showers.”

How Penny’s Personal Touch Austin Housekeepers Clean Your Bathroom Walls

So, how do our Penny’s Personal Touch Austin Housekeepers remove the wall drippings on bathroom walls for our clients? We mop the wall, friends! Yes, I know it sounds weird, but it is the most efficient and effective way to clean these high areas.

How Do We Remove the Bathroom Wall Sweat?

As shown in the video, our experienced Penny’s Personal Touch housekeepers are mopping the walls with a flathead mop and a scrubby type of microfiber bar rag that has soap and hot water on it.

We mop the walls with the intention to remove all of the stains and then turn the bathroom exhaust fan on as it dries. (PPT Fact: Actually, we always turn the clients’ exhaust fans on since we are spraying cleaning solutions and using hot water constantly as well. This helps to clear the air and dry the surfaces faster).

Help for Bathroom Walls Seeping

On a personal note, I sure hope this post helped answer such a weird cleaning to do list item on most people’s minds when they randomly see drippings on their bathroom wall. We may notice it at the weirdest times. Sometimes the sun shines in and shows us the walls in a brighter way or we may be relaxing in the tub and look up and wonder, “what the heck?” I hope I’ve removed the “what the heck” from your mind and helped you better understand what the bathroom wall drippings are, how to clean them, and most importantly how to stop them from consistently coming back.

How To Put A Duvet Cover On In 25 Seconds

After this tip went viral on our Instagram page, I knew I had to share it in a blog too. It’s something we do so effortlessly as downtown Austin housekeepers, that we underestimate how we’ve made such a daunting task so much easier with these steps. So, here you go! How to put a duvet cover on in 25 seconds!

Read more: How To Put A Duvet Cover On In 25 Seconds

1. Turn the Duvet Inside Out

It sounds odd, but it’s one of the keys to one of the easiest ways to put a duvet cover on. Place the duvet cover on the bed inside out with the opening at the bottom of the bed.

2. Duvet Insert Time

Now place the duvet insert on top of the inside out duvet.

3. Connect the Corners

Tie all four corners so that once the process is done and you are snug as a bug in the bed, the duvet and insert don’t decide to play slip and slide while you try to rest. We’ve all been there where you see one part of the cover has more duvet insert than the other side.

4. Time To Roll

Now we are going to begin to roll the duvet from the top of the bed, all the way to the bottom where the opening is. I’ve done this by myself or with another person, as shown below in the video. It all depends on what you think may be easiest for you.

5. Insert Rolled Corners

This is the part that is easier shown than told so I hope the video helps display this for you. We are now inserting each rolled up corner in the opening part of the duvet. Once both sides are inserted we can pull over the opening where the buttons or zippers are and button up the roll.

6. Unroll the Duvet

This is the fun part where you see the magic happen. No shaking required, just simply unrolling the work. The key is to keep your hand at seam once you have unrolled all the way back to the top to ensure the duvet insert has rolled out evenly.


4 Things To Do In The Bedroom Before Valentines Day

Imagine walking into your favorite hotel suite that’s freshly prepared for your arrival. They’ve thought of everything, and maybe even personalized some things for your stay.
This whole set up that you’ve walked into, sets the mood.
The sight, the scent, the luxurious feeling of the bedding, and personal touches have been made to create a memorable experience for you to come back again, and again.
You can quickly do this in your own bedroom for yourself, your significant other, or the both of you.
The goal is to make it memorable and personal, so let’s dive into the personal touch.


Forget the cleaning for a minute, I know it’s weird for me to say that since I own an Austin Home Cleaning Service, but trust me on this. The task of clearing is going to be more important in the bedroom than the sweat of cleaning the baseboards.
Clear the entire bed ✅
Clear the nightstands✅
Even if you get a box or container and stuff that crap in there to set the mood of a clear non distraction area ready for play, I promise the baseboards and blinds can wait.
A quick lightbulb change can also help in this task.
Changing your bulbs to a softer tone or even taking a few out can help for when the lights actually have to go on after the experience.


Everyone always thinks sheets have to be soft. Well let’s talk about the mattress.
Flip it! Yes, flip that mattress at least every 6 months for even wear.
If you don’t have a new set of sheets, the feeling of not laying in the same indentations on the bed can make a huge difference before you even consider what sheets you’re dressing the bed in.


Instead of adding a fabric softener or dryer sheets to your sheets, add white distilled vinegar and baking soda instead.
It’s time to strip the sheets of the build up of laundry soaps, body oils and more.
​They will look brighter and feel lighter.
Check your duvet covers and comforters too. Some are machine washable and could use a shaking in the washing machine or dryer to feel softer.


Now this gets real personal.
Scents have a lot to do with arousal.
Don’t overdo it here.
That’s why I suggested washing the sheets with items that removed build up of scents and soaps.
I like to switch in between these two options for scents for my blankets if needed.
The Laundress and Le Labo signature Santal 33 detergent is a nice sexy lingering scent that is known for sensual arousal.
If I’m not adding scent to my blankets I’m going for the option of candles to set the mood.
Again I’m going with Le labo but the calzone 17 for a light fresh scent.


Less is always more. It’s more about the personal touch than the abundance of pillows on the bed, sheet thread count, and roses. A simple personal touch in your bedroom ambiance can make a big difference.

Guaranteed To Save Money By Cleaning These 5 Things To Start The New Year

Let’s push into 2021 feeling accomplished about not only doing these money savings tasks, but feel great about saving the money it could cost you if you don’t.

The Austin Weather has been just about as odd as 2020 this December. Since we are stuck inside more often than we’d like anyway, wine not, I mean why not 🤷🏻‍♀️ start the year off on a routine to save you money.

How To Clean The Dishwasher Drain:

We have an Austin Cleaning Service client that has a $10,000 dishwasher. If you think that’s shocking, you’d be shocked at the cost a repairman would charge for something you could routinely do yourself to avoid a bigger problem. Most drains are easily removable once you pull out the rack.
Imagine if you knew that one simple cleaning task if not done, could not only cost you a new dishwasher, but a plumbers bill telling you what you could have done to save it.
Dishwashers have filters usually at the bottom of the dishwasher.
The easiest way to learn how to clean your specific dishwasher filter is to google the brand and how to clean the filter. Here’s a past blog we wrote on cleaning the drain that should help too!


What’s that smell in my shower?

The dirty secret of what is removed while cleaning is usually hidden in your drain. If you are a hair shedder, or tend to wash the family pet in the shower, this tip is a must. Check out the dirty secret that was clogging our clients drain in our TarryTown Cleaning Service clients shower that shocked them.

Remove the drain cover, and get ready to be severely grossed out by the smell and slime build up. However, your simple step of cleaning this can save you a hefty plumbing bill or severe blockage backup.

The Dirty Secret Behind The Washing Machine Secret Compartment

Had to bring some fun on a flashback of 2020 to remind us of the broom challenge because WineNot?
​Most front loaders have this hidden door that no one really knows what it’s for. Well if you’ve ever had a load not completely drain the water, or other issues with your washing machine, this is usually a first step to possibly resolve the issue. You’ll need a bucket and towel.
Find the filter door and remove it.
Put the bucket under this area to catch the water.
Unscrew the knob inside and water will begin to flow out.
You will also see a lot of debris stuck in the filter compartment that you can easily clean off.
This step will keep your washing machine free of build up blockage that may have gone through the wash cycle and gotten stuck.

The Schedule For Your AC That Saves You Thousands!

AC Filters
It’s something we know we should do, but if we don’t see it, we tend to forget. Use your smart phone to put a 1-3 month alert in your phone to remind you to order and change the AC filters.
We are in our homes so much more now, that this step is a must for our indoor air quality and AC Lifespan too.
No one wants to hear an AC technician say that if you would have just changed the $30 air filter more often you could have saved thousands.

What’s That Smoking From The Chimney?

Meet Birdie, our Spanish Oaks Cleaning Service client that loves belly rubs by the fireplace.
Even if you don’t use your fireplace, there are so many things that could build nests and it get stuck in there that you’d never know until you went to burn your next fire. There’s nothing sexy about the smell of dead bird when trying to light a fire, but a routine chimney cleaning can avoid that.

When you’re done with these 5 simple money saving home tasks you deserve to relax in the comfort of a clean home too. Click above to routinely schedule your 2021 cleaning and enjoy spending time on your New Year Goals.

Why Is My Washing Machine Leaving Marks On My Clothes and How To Fix It Easily.

The last thing I wanted to see after a week of providing Austin Cleaning Services, was streaky sheets out of my own washer. I’m usually one up on the maintenance list at home, but heck, I’m not even wearing earrings anymore (I usually feel naked without my daily earrings) So the rest of the regular stuff is kind of out of sync too.

​Why Did My Washing Machine Leave Dark Marks On My Clothes?

streaks on clothes in a washing machine

I tend to wash once a week since I’m an empty nester now. I ran my darks through a cycle of washing but I don’t dry them, and that’s when I noticed some streaks. I figured it was a stain from work but I should have known better.
Next I washed my white sheets. Can I tell you that the highlight of my days are getting into bed in fresh clean sheets! Mind you, it’s about 8pm so I’m exhausted and wasn’t ready for the streak of luck I had, to now be up another hour trying to figure this dirt out.
Since I didn’t put anything in the dryer I knew it was the washer. I stuck my head and hand in to look for anything inside, but nothing was found. I knew it was the drum.
Funny that something we rely on to clean, doesn’t do it’s job, and we realize we didn’t maintain it to help it routinely work.
Routine cleaning of the washing machine helps it routinely clean your clothes. My washing machine even has a tub cycle clean button, but just like not wearing earrings daily, I got used to not maintaining my washing machine too.

washing machine cycle buttons

So the washing machine drum (especially in front loaders) gets grimy. It collects greasy residue from past loads and sometimes gets a buildup of fabric softeners and grime mixed together causing these marks on your clothes.
I don’t use fabric softener, but I do usually wash all loads in cold water. So I knew it was time to press that Tub Clean.

How To Clean The Drum Of The Washing Machine Even If You Don’t Have a Tub Clean Cycle.

washing machine manuals

Of course most machines have manuals that we store more than read right? Yes I’m guilty too, because I know what to do, but out of sight out of mind happens to the best of us. My machine even has these maintenance things that stick to the side of the washing machine.

No one is looking to the side of their machine or even inside unless they are missing a sock.

If you don’t have. Tub clean cycle, this method works just as good.

Run a heavy duty cycle on Hot and replace the detergent with White Distilled Vinegar in the dispenser.

I ran my cycle this way even though it has the tub clean and washed my sheets again to test it out.

white sheets on a king size bed with pillows

Fresh, clean sheets again!
My extra hour washing cycle could have been prevented if I ran a tub clean, or a cycle of white distilled vinegar a month to prevent it. Unless it’s scheduled like a dentist appointment most of us will forget.

How our Austin Cleaning Service Can Help You.

We can personalize a cleaning service to meet your needs. We have many downtown Austin Cleaning Service clients that are too busy to even realize their fridge has a built in filter let alone how to routinely maintain their washing machine.
We understand busy personally, and can schedule routine maintenance things like this washing machine cycle to your service.
If my own home was on our Austin Cleaning Services Routine, I would have a personalized to do list with dates and more. 

 I guess I need to be my own client so that I too can get my time back.

How To Remove Hard Water Marks On The Ice Dispenser Drip Pan

​​​If your fridge has an outer water and ice dispenser, the chances that you’ve seen

white marks on the drip pan are probable.  Not nice to look at but actually easy to clean.

Here’s two options, ones Eco Friendly, and ones not.

​As we’ve all seen in this pandemic, you have to adapt to what’s needed in cleaning to be effective.
So don’t be afraid if the eco friendly cleaning option doesn’t work well for your stains. The back up option is effective and fast too! Remove the drip pan.
You may notice a lot of black mold where the drip pan was located. The water has seeped in the cracks for quite some time.
Going forward, we recommend removing the drip pan weekly and washing it, and the area around this to stop the growth of mold.about:blankGet a plastic or glass container that’s long enough and deep enough to fit the drip pan.

Place the drip pan inside the container.
Pour white distilled vinegar on the drip pan to cover it.
You may begin to scrub with a toothbrush or scrubby side of the sponge to see if the water marks easily come off.
If you notice they aren’t budging, then soak it for a few hours and scrub.
​Soaking overnight may be the best option for stubborn stains.

The Eco Friendly Method To Remove Hard Water Marks On The Ice Dispenser Drip Pan

The Easy Way To Remove Hard Water Stains From An Ice Maker Drip Pan Using A Chemical

Remove the drip pan and place it on a thick rag that you don’t mind ruining.
Use a Heavy Duty Acidic Cleaner found at your local hardware store and pour it directly on the drip pan.
You will immediately see bubbles form.
Begin scrubbing the white stains away and rinse.
This is literally a 1 minute time removal process.
Acid eats through things fast so you have to act faster.
Rinse, wipe and replace.

Personal Note From Penny

With both of these methods you can soak paper towels with the White Distilled Vinegar or Acidic Cleaner and wipe/scrub the other areas around the drip pan.
Be sure to rinse the areas with a spray bottle of hot distilled water after, since you can’t remove and rinse those areas off in the sink. 
A major thing we have noticed when providing Austin Cleaning Services, is that clients have a hard time removing hard water because they are using their hard water to clean.  Our Austin Housekeeping services understand theres a method to the madness of Hard Water removal and it’s a process best left to the Pro’s to routinely clean your home for you. 

5 Do’s & Don’t Do’s of Lysol Wipes & What We Recommend Instead.

Two months deep into this pandemic and stores still can’t match the demand for Lysol wipes and sprays. It’s a shame because most people are thinking a quick wipe or a spray will sanitize their home.
Oh so far from the disinfecting truth.
The truth is
no ones home can be sterile but everyone can use these tips to keep their homes high touch areas disinfected often.

5 Don’ts of Lysol Wipes

1. Don’t use it on a porous surface!
For example:
Granite is porous. Even if it is sealed. It’s sealed for protection but, these wipes can actually eat away at the sealant damaging your granite surfaces!

2. Don’t Use a wipe to clean everything!
I know that sounds weird but it’s not meant to clean.
Soap and water with a microfiber rag will agitate the dirt and clean.
​The wipe will then disinfect a small area. (One wipe can only provide adequate disinfection to an area of around three-square-feet or less)

3. Don’t use these wipes on anything your mouth will touch.

4. Don’t use these wipes to wipe the leather in your car! The wipes will strip the leather of its natural oils causing it to brittle.

5. Don’t flush a wipe in the toilet

5 Do’s of Lysol Wipes

1. Do KNOW your surface before wiping!

2. Do use a wipe rather than a spray on REMOTES. Just take the batteries out as to not mess your settings up.

3. DOORKNOBS (especially the entry doors to your home.) you haven’t had a chance to wash your hands inside yet so doorknobs are icky.

4. LIGHT-SWITCHES get used more than cleaned in the regular cleaning routines for sure.

5. DOOR HANDLES such as the frequently used handles on the fridge, faucets, cabinets and drawers.

What To Use If You Don’t Have Lysol Wipes

Got an empty Lysol Wipe Container?

Cut a roll of paper towels to match the length
(bread slicer works fine 😉)


  1. select-a-size paper towels.
  2. 18 ounces 99% isopropyl alcohol.
  3. 5 ounces water.
  4. 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide.
  5. 45 drops essential oils. Tea tree, eucalyptus, and thyme were actually studied for their antivirus properties and we use them in our own Austin Home Cleaning Service office made cleaning solutions.


My 2 Pennies Worth🤷🏻‍♀️

Disinfecting wipes are a good go-to for disinfecting small areas.
Check the manufacturer’s guidelines but most keyboards, remotes, game controllers, and phone cases can be safely disinfected with a wipe. (Please don’t swipe a wipe off on your iPhone with one!) Some cell phones have a protective coating on the screen that can be harmed by certain chemicals so check before you clean.

5 Crucial Things To Do at Home Daily During The Coronavirus Pandemic To Ease Your Mind.

There’s no need to go crazy disinfecting and cleaning daily unless someone is actively sick, but there is a crucial need for every member of your household to change the way they enter the home from here on out.  
After finding out how the coronavirus can last on surfaces, and realizing that the City of Austin and surrounding counties, feels it safer for us to be in our homes than outside of our homes to stop its spread, let’s revisit how we enter our homes daily.

Let the Coronavirus pandemic change the way you live your life before you relax at home with these five steps.

Why Removing Your Shoes At The Door Matters.

(Personal shout out to my Brother Immanuel who  didn’t know I was sneaking a pic behind him) 
I’m going to keep this one simple. Did you use a bathroom today? Did anyone else use that bathroom before you? Ever seen someone spit on the ground? Does your dog pee outside? I’m sure that’s more than enough solid info for you to see the reason removing your shoes at the door is crucial.  There is no  solid evidence of this new coronavirus strain to say it can be transmitted from clothes or shoes but, the soles of shoes are mostly made of materials that it sticks to for quite some time so why take the risk?

Why Washing Your Hands As Soon As You Get Home is crucial.

If you just removed your shoes, chances are your hands touched them. So you’re washing your hands from the daily grime and from removing your shoes that held more grime. Before you hug your wife, hold the baby, or touch that remote…. wash off the outside grime on your hands.

Why Properly Storing Dirty Clothes Matter w/a Virus.

Personal confession time ( I have a chair) you know what chair I’m talking about. The chair that seems to get the daily clothes and jackets of the day. If you’re in the healthcare field, or around many people that possibly may be sick with any kind of illness, it’s always best to properly store dirty clothes.

Why an Immediate Shower is a Must When You Get Home.

You’ve been outside around many things you can’t see on your clothes that have attached themselves. Imagine all that green pollen piling up on your car. I’m sure you have a dusting of it on you as well. Showering all of the outside dirt off makes sense to relax in your clean home.

Why Hiring A Routine Professional Cleaning Service is Crucial during cold/flu/virus/allergy and LIFE season.

Routine cleaning from a professional is totally different than an everyday pick up from yourself. Owning a professional Austin House Cleaning company myself, I understand busy and sacrificing time. We just wrapped one of our new company smart cars with a new quote that reads
“ You work too hard for everyone else, be smart & let us work for you”
You deserve the assurance in knowing your home has been cleaned with the right products so that you can maintain it in between if needed. Our Austin Home cleaning services has a very detailed approach in thoroughly cleaning each room. We understand cross contamination and details matter to you and your health.

Follow us on Instagram for some behind the scenes videos and cleaning facts that just make sense to every day life beyond the Coronavirus pandemic because this too shall pass!

The Simple and Efficient Way to Clean/Disinfect Your Home During COVID-19 Or Any Virus.

When this COVID-19 outbreak occurred it brought panic to people to rush and buy all sorts of chemical cleaners, many of which are unnecessary or ineffective against viruses. The simple and efficient way to clean and disinfect isnot in panicking but understanding.

Understanding How To Clean &
Disinfect Your Home.

Understanding what you are bringing into your home and how your own steps from the front door can stop the spread of any illness is the first step.
When we understand how to live in a more clean, hygienic way daily, cleaning and disinfecting is easier.

Understand your surfaces and note that every cleaner on the cleaning aisle at H-E-B that says all purpose disinfectant cannot be sprayed on all surfaces! I’ve seen granite look hazy and marble destroyed by someone simply not understanding the surface or the cleaner.

Removing To Effectively Clean & Disinfect Your Home.

Removing should start at the front door by removing shoes and washing hands before touching or doing anything! The rush to relax at home should be paused by the mental note of the dirty world outside that we live in and not wanting to bring those germs into our homes. 
Everything you stepped on or touched should be removed before you relax in your home.
This is why we wear heavy duty gloves and protectant covers and sprays on our shoes to disinfect when professionally cleaning.

Cleaning Fact To Effectively Clean & Disinfect Against The COVID-19 & Other Viruses In Your Home.

Seeing all of the hand sanitizers and every single cleaner in the grocery store fly off the shelves is shocking because a simple combination of soap & water remains one of the strongest weapons against infectious diseases, including the novel coronavirus.

Why does Soap work? Soap works so effectively because its chemistry pries open the coronavirus’s exterior envelope and cause it to degrade. These soap molecules then trap tiny fragments of the virus, which are washed away in water.

When we provide Austin maid housekeeping cleaning services, we have a 7 step procedure to efficiently clean rooms. We understand that for our procedures to work, we have to do them step by step to clean effectively.
You have to clean before you disinfect and you have to understand before you clean.

COVID-19 fact to know

All viruses are bits of genetic code packed inside a collection of proteins and lipids, which can include a fat-based casing known as a viral envelope. Destroying an enveloped virus takes less effort than their non-enveloped compatriots, such as the stomach-busting norovirus, which can last for months on specific surfaces. Enveloped viruses typically survive outside of a body for only a matter of days and are considered among the easiest to kill, because once their fragile exterior is broken down, they begin to degrade.

Imagine the balloons in the pic below to be the virus. You can’t spray. You have to break down the barrier outside of them to kill them. So understanding what to remove, how to clean and break down the virus will help you understand then how to disinfect.

Disinfecting against Home viruses

After you’ve understood how to remove the unnecessary and not welcomed germs on hands and shoes into your home, then understood the surfaces and how to effectively clean them without damaging them, now you can disinfect.
Disinfectants (not cleaners) should not be rinsed off.
The CDC has a recommended list of approved disinfectants and cleaners for this particular virus on porous surfaces.  Keep in mind they just added over 40 more to this list prior to the recent outbreak. Effective products will have an EPA registration number on the packaging. See link here.

Regular cleaning of your home reduces the spread of germs and dust making disinfecting easier.

Even though the city of Austin is at a standstill and most of us have more time on our hands than we usually did, it’s a great time to reevaluate how we clean and disinfect our home regularly.
Hiring a local Austin Housecleaning service on a regular basis, helps reduce the germ spread in your home making spraying a disinfectant a breeze.