Mittens on your kittens or socks on your Dog?

Our pets spend more time on our floors than we do. They lay on the floor and sometimes even lick the floor. Be cautious of the cleaner you use on your floors because some store bought cleaners designed to clean floors are not designed to keep pets safe. Their ingredients are harmful to our pets and we usually never know it until our pets get some sort of allergic reaction or become sick with animal flu like symptoms. In the Penny’s Personal Touch world we have met with many clients with concerns of the floor care products we use because they have experienced their pets getting sick because of licking the floor. You can trust that we have done our research on the products we use and we do not use harmful chemicals to clean floors. We also keep updated on the consumer reports on cleaning solutions that have been found to be harmful to pets and we try to make our clients aware of such products.

Are you masking carpet odors rather than getting rid of them

If you want to save the environment and money at the same time buy a box of Baking soda instead of these carpet odor masking bottles that cost at the most $5. These popular carpet fresheners are dangerous! They harm your pets, clog your vacuum and change the air quality in your home. When we have indoor pets we tend to sprinkle this on the carpets to freshen them, however they tend to just mask the odor built into the carpet fibers. If you are experiencing odors in your carpet first steam clean them at least once a year to pull the odors out without using any chemicals. For regular maintenance sprinkle Baking soda on the carpet and let sit as long as possible, usually overnight, then vacuum. The baking soda is not harmful to pets or humans. Baking soda does not mask the odor it rids the odors from the carpets and the air. It will not clog your vacuum either. Save the environment, your pets and breathe easier today by buying a box of baking soda. Austin eco friendly maid service Round Rock eco friendly maid service

Your bagged dog or cat food could be attracting more than your pets

It is spring time so not only does that mean spring flowers, spring weather and spring cleaning, it means spring pests. Such as ants, rodents, and bugs of all sorts. One way to stay on top of preventing these unwanted guests into our homes and garages is to keep all animal food in an air tight sealed container. It is so tempting to just rip open the bag and pour as you go, but the scent of the food is attracting pests more than the animals we are intending to feed. The paper bag cannot stop sharp little mice teeth and claws from attacking it. Those pests now have a place they know food is always available. They will set up camp in our homes and garages to not only eat but live. The container store sells air tight pet food containers specifically made for pet food. I suggest every household with pets invest in an air tight sealed container today rather.

If our pets are like family then why are we doing them so dirty?

Every time we eat out of a plate, drink out of a glass, or use utensils we wash them. Then why is is that most of us who say their animals are like family do not wash out their animals food and water containers. Our animals get sick just like we do. So I suggest that every day before you fill up that water and food container for your pet to eat and drink out of that you PLEASE wash it out with a mixture of hot water and vinegar solution. Scrub all the grime off and rinse well. Your pets will thank you for it. Which bowl would you rather eat out of?
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