5 Factors To Consider When Washing Your Sheets

It’s said that the average person will spend over 30 years in our beds over our lifetime. Sounds shocking, but whether it’s watching tv, scrolling through our phone, having personal time or actually sleeping, it sounds about right.

But what’s wrong, is the amount of time in between the frequency of washing our sheets. There are a few factors that make frequency in sheet washing a must. Let’s take a look at 5 factors to consider when washing your sheets.

Factors To Consider In How Often You Should Wash Your Sheets

1. Do you sleep in the buff?

2. Do pets get on your bed?

3. Do you sleep alone?

4. Do you have allergies?

5. Is your facial skin care a big priority?

All of these factors have a big impact on the frequency of washing your sheets.

What Is In Your Sheets?

The shocking truth about sheet washing is what you can’t see on your sheets.

Dust mites, their carcasses and fecal matter live off of your dead skin cells. And our friends over at Denise Bell Skin Care shared with us that we shed 50 million skin cells every day. So what you can’t see, dust mites can, and they eat it. Then you sleep in the remnants of that night after night. This isn’t a good thing for your skin care routine no matter what product you’re using.

When we sleep naked to free ourselves from the entanglement of clothes, our bodies release body fluids and fecal matter.

So taking a shower and getting into a couple weeks worth of entanglements just doesn’t sound relaxing to your skin and breathing does it?

Another Factor To Consider When Washing Your Sheets

Pets seems to love human beds more than their own. They alone shed dander and more which adds to what we are also shedding in the bed. Now that’s just an added reason to sneeze in the morning just reading this.

So the shocking truth is that you are most likely not washing your sheets enough.

Weekly washing is a must.

PRO TIP: Pre-treating stains that you can see before tossing them in the washer is a bonus.

SHOCKING FACT: Avoid the fabric softeners too. They add a residue that builds up over time and decreases your sheets breathability causing you to feel overheated in your sheets.

My personal touch note: I absolutely love a bamboo lyocell sheet. They combine softness and breathability. Leave a note if you’d like to know a few of my favorite brands.

Is Getaway Hill Country Worth Exploring?

I’m sure my phone was listening to me scream “I need a getaway” for the last couple of weeks, so of course I wasn’t surprised when something titled Getaway House Hill Country barely an hour outside of Austin popped up on my social media feed. What made me book was the affordable pricing and the image they showcased. Once we stayed, we realized why the price was so affordable and what the image meant to a visitor. It’s not foreveryone, so don’t be like me and let the showcase image or paid bloggers posts make you leap into it. Here’s some inside scoop into our Getaway in Wimberley in between juggling our Austin cleaning services and trying to exhale at the same time.

Getaway House Hill Country Location

No, this picture is not from the Getaway House Hill country, but it was from the drive there. Passing so many Private Property, No Trespassing Signs made me want to know the story and history behind the stone walls and Iron Gates. Let’s just say if you want to hide out here, it’s easy to do that!
​A nice scenic drive barely an hour outside of Austin was great but bad at the same time. Since it’s the covid-19 pandemic time, it was sad to drive by so many places that looked worth stopping in (Like The Deep Eddy Distillery) and some cute antique shops, but we had to stay focused on getting to Getaway. They sent us a map and some local hot spots to check out while we were in the area like Jacobs Well and Blue Hole, but trying to get away from people with the thought of so many people at those hot spots made my daughter make the executive decision of NO. Here’s the link they sent us with places nearby https://journal.getaway.house/explore-get

Arrival Procedures Down The Unknown Dirt Road in Wimberley

If you’re like me, I like to know who, what, where, when and why. So this whole not knowing what we were driving up to had me leery. I’m just glad we came during the daylight.
All communication was done through text and email. A code was sent prior to our 3pm arrival to the door and they were welcoming in asking if we needed anything to just reply back.
We arrived early and kind of scoped out the area. We were thankful that someone stopped and asked us of our reservation and let us check in early. They post that they don’t allow that, so I wouldn’t bank on it, but I was grateful that some personnel were driving through to keep an eye on things.

Wimberley Tiny House/Cabin/Trailer, I don’t know?

I don’t know if we want to call this a cabin since it’s on wheels but the inside pine wood and simplicity in design made it feel cabin-like.

The Neighbor Vibe 40 Cabins
Deep In Getaway House Hill Country

There were 40 other “cabins” around us. We barely saw anyone or heard anyone unless they were walking their dogs (dogs allowed no cats lol) we all had our own 4 chairs, bench, and fire pit to cook, but since they asked for the fires to be out by midnight, it seemed that we all shut down too early to hear any ruckus if any was being made. Oh and the metal fine note was another reminder to not get too drunk by the campfire or else lol

I think a lot of us were trying to walk around the area to find the suggested nature trail that was showcased on our map through the campsite area but none of us really found that, so the dirt road gave us a workout. My daughter and I ventured to the only water we saw and found obvious clues of alive, well, and moving nature, so venturing anywhere after that kept us close to the “cabin” area.

What GetAway Hill Country Offers and What They Don’t that we noticed

They have a Provisions Kit of which they tell you about prior to coming that has items to purchase.  

We brought our own food, wine and only used a few items on their list.
The best part of what they offered was the S’mores. It was a freebie for us to enjoy, so that sweetened the idea to fire up and use the wood they provided (starter log too) to set the cabin mood.  (Bundle of wood cost $6.50) 

Tip: check the Provisions items when you arrive to see if the quantity matches what is there. We were charged for items we didn’t use. I remember seeing tea on the list and saying Yay until it wasn’t found in the basket. It however found its way to my bill  w/4 tea bags $2.50 uh no ma’am. Refunded and appreciated but take note of that. 
The Pot, pans, dishes, silverware (including sharp knives, lighter, kettle, books, and deck of cards,  were great.  

The bathroom had small toiletries as well in the shower and towels. 
Note that no face towels were provided. 
A hilarious find was the Red Emergency Kit by the toilet paper holder. What would you think would be in an emergency kit? Yeah me too? Bandaids, etc. nope.  Ours had tampons, 4 to be exact. 

I was reminded I was camping when I looked to brush my teeth and wash my hands after using the bathroom. The only sink is in the kitchen area outside of the bathroom. So toothbrush time may need to be done in the shower. 
Oh, and the only mirror was a very small mirror that would fit in your junior high school locker that was tucked in the kitchen cabinet.  So if you’re trying to come here for the Instagram photo session honey bring a mirror.  lol 

 A dog bowl, foil, dustpan, and small sweeper were hidden under the sink for use too. 

So basically if you come for a night with nothing but the clothes on your back, you will be just fine. 

The water from the faucet states “drinking water” so I’m guessing that was filtered to use but of course, we didn’t risk that one and brought our own.  ​

Overall Personal Experience 

Well for $99 a night, barely an hour drive, and what they offer inside and outside of the Getaway House I would say yes for me. I guess it’s personal and about the expectations, you have for a full Getaway. Notice I didn’t mention they have an entry lockbox on the table for phones. I for one would like to have my phone on me in the middle of no damn where for the just Incase moment. I would also like to have a few friends rent Getaway Homes next to me for us all to camp out and have a quick getaway house time together.  So take my advice and others and personalize it to what you want and GetAway if you feel it’s a good fit. 

The Trick To Cleaning Pendant Lights.

Sometimes I don’t think home designers consider the living that goes into each room when they design it. Like who ever thought to put pendant lights that you can’t easily undo easily to clean in a home like the picture below? I’ve literally been on a ladder with a screwdriver, wishing for two more sets of hands to catch what I can’t hold of the light in the second picture.  Here’s an example of a pendant light that the designer most likely didn’t think we would need to know how to easily take it apart to clean.  

Now imagine cleaning this pendant light with one set of hands! It’s a risky situation but can be done and was done for a new home sale from our realtors at www.gottesmanresidential.com/ When they list a home, we take pride in their realtors relying on us to detail clean the home.

The Downside of  Pendant Lights In The Kitchen.

Most range hoods above the stove have an exhaust fan that removes airborne grease, smoke, heat and steam. Have you also noticed that you don’t have to have the fan on to see the accumulation of grease above the stove? Whether it’s the cabinets, wall, or in this case pendant lights, if it’s high in the kitchen, and close to the stovetop, it’s going to catch grease too.
The downside to hanging any kind of pendant lights in the kitchen is that they will quickly and easily accumulate a coating of airborne grease too.

The Trick To Clean Pendant Lights.

We’ve been providing Austin home cleaning services for over 24 years, so we have had to battle many greasy situations. Kitchen pendant lights can’t be dusted! They have to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out to shine by hand wiping.
There’s three tricks to know about cleaning pendant lights. ( Oh and be mindful that a lot of Austin maid service companies cannot allow their staff on ladders taller than a step ladder to clean due to insurance purposes)

Turn all lights off in the area and clean them at a time that the sun is also not shining directly on them. Lights and sunlight quickly warm your cleaning solutions up, which will cause an immediate streak.

Use a dry microfiber rag. Never use a wet or damp one because it will streak. For these pendant lights in the Topic Image,  I used three microfiber rags. I folded them in four and used all four sides of the folded rag to wipe my cleaner on.

Use a glass cleaner that foams so you can spray directly on the outside of the light fixture. ( Be sure to cover any areas below that you don’t want the foam cleaner to get on)

If your pendant lights have a clear to reach opening like these ones, you can clean the outside first and then use the dry rag side to now spray the cleaner on the rag and clean the inside. ( You may want to read that again, as it’s an opposite step to clean the outside from the inside!)
Don’t wipe over an over again! Wipe one time and go to the next area so you don’t reapply the dirt.

Some pendant lights require you to use a screwdriver to remove them. For this I suggest bringing them all down and cleaning them in a sink of dish detergent. If you have hard water, this will only work if you polish them with distilled water after to remove all residue.


How Hotels Keep Allergens To A Minimum

Let’s talk dirty in the bedroom for a few minutes since we are a day after Valentine’s Day and we may be washing sheets and making coffee. Here’s a quick read to shock and educate you quickly at the same time. There are not too many things that can shock a housekeeper the day after Valentine’s Day because let’s be real, we are all humans and the bedroom is where werelax, relate and release after a long day. One thing that can be really shocking to people about the bedroom is…many allergies start there.

The Hotel Housekeeping Secret

Have you ever gotten into a hotel bed and wondered why is it tucked so tight? And how do they get it tucked so tight, anyway? Hint: this can sometimes be a three-step sheet process!Maybe, maybe not. Most of us are too exhausted to care, or just wanna relax and don’t notice. This hotel secret however is the way hotels keep their comforters clean and dust levels to the bare minimum in any bedroom.
It’s all in the sheets! 
The thread count isn’t a factor here, but the number of sheets is.
Most hotels use a three-sheet process to protect the comforter and occupants in the bed from dust.


Personal Experience In Keeping Allergens to a Minimum

I went to grab my black eye mask on the side of my bed and was shocked at my own bedroom secret. I travel to our Dallas location using the Vonlane Bus at least weekly and use this eye mask to sleep. It had a light coat of grey dust. I was immediately grossed out. I dust often and change my sheets weekly, but didn’t expect there to be dust on an eye mask I use weekly. 
That very moment took me back to when our house cleaning in Downtown Austin Condo clients taught us how to make their bed. 🤓
I know it sounds funny to hear that after providing cleaning services in downtown Austin for over 24 years that I’d need some instruction on how to make a bed but I was schooled quickly.

The Secret That Hotels Use That Our Client Taught Us Too

So if the eye mask is collecting dust in a week on my nightstand, imagine the dust collecting in a comforter on the bed. We wash the sheets often, but the comforter is protecting the sheets from the dust and collecting it over time.
In 24 years I’ve had two clients with this three-sheet process and today I truly know why they implement it.
STEP 1. Place fitted sheet on the bed.
STEP 2. Place a longer flat sheet on the bed but fit it to where it will cover over the comforter and sheets and fold back to the design or embroidered top area of the sheet.
STEP 3. Place comforter and top sheet over the comforter.
STEP 4. Fold the sheets over the comforter and hospital corner tuck them in to make a secure fitting.
Sleep 😴

Who Has Time For That?

Small decisions we make daily are the reasons we live the way we live. As we all know, our health will stop us in our tracks without warning!  We know you want to stay healthy but you probably don’t want to move to a hotel permanently (by the way, Hotel ZaZa in downtown Austin really knows how to make the sheets perfect for a fantastic night’s sleep). 

​So, if a small change to washing your duvet more often, or implementing the three sheet step hotel secret to your own bedroom is not high on the priority, then you can just click and call us to do that routinely for you.

5 Alarming Germ Facts About A Pedicure

Flexibility in reaching our toes, let alone flexibility in time, kind of makes us rush to the nearest 💅 nail salon. The rush to relaxation, cheap mimosas, and a massage chair sometimes makes us overlook the 5 alarming 🦠 germ facts about a pedicure.

So before you pick a color and have a seat, check the view on the other guests to see if this salon may send you home with a sparkling ✨ new color infection or not.

Say No To Shaving Before A Pedicure.

Come on, we’ve all gone at least two days without shaving right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ the rush of the need for a pedicure can make us forget that we should not shave 🪒 at least 2 days prior. Freshly shaved legs 🦵 have open pores and nicks you can’t see🔍. Reminds me of the above video when I had fresh shaved legs in the salt water Ocean. The memory that burn was a lesson learned for life! 
A USA TODAY article stated facts that a mans legs were amputated following a pedicure infection. Serious infections are rare but why rush even a small infection. 

Ask For New Buffers & Filers Only!

Unless you see them open a package in front of you don’t trust what you don’t see. Only non porous tools can be properly disinfected. These items are cheap and part of your pedicure cost.

Don’t Dip 🦶In Unless You’re Protected.

Of course salons should be disinfecting basins between each client, but there’s a hidden fact.
🔍A hospital grade disinfectant should sit in the basin for 10 minutes⏰
Whirlpool spa basins should have the disinfectant ran throughout the system, then the unit should be drained and rinsed with clean water. 
Opt for a basin cover or select a salon that doesn’t use whirlpool tubs. Think about your own jet tub 🛀 at home. Have you ever cleaned it and seen the disgusting crap that settles out of it😷 ? I will never forget when our RoundRock Cleaning Service Client was selling her home and she ran a jet cleaning on her in home tub.  I could hear and feel her disgust through the text of what she saw come out of it.  Unfortunately Jet cleaning is not part of our routine Austin cleaning service check list and it may not be part of your nail salons in between customer check list either.   Now imagine ever foot 🦶 that has soaked where your feet are? Next imagine what could be lurking in those whirlpool jets ready to attack your freshly shaven legs and more.

If 💅 Nail Salon Walls Could Talk.

If the pedicure chair you’re sitting in has built up gunk around and behind it, imagine what’s coming out of the water pipes inside it?
When picking a nail color, take your time and check out the condition of the walls and floors. This quick check of cleanliness could save your nail health.

Save The Cuticles. ✂️

Opt to push them back rather than cutting them at a nail salon. Cuticles protect the nails and skin from infection.  One snip ✂️💅 can cause more than a burn, and that’s a lesson you don’t want to learn.



How Your Silverware Should Speak To Your Waiter

Is it me, or does the waiter tend to come to the table at the wrong times? Well here’s a quick way to speak to your waiter without saying a word. Let’s just hope they too speak utensil etiquette American Style.
I say American Style, because The French use silverware etiquette in a whole other format. I’m sure my girlfriend Ajiri of Madame de le Maison can school us all on that, as she makes Gathering Beautiful with her linens and antiques in Paris. She makes dining and etiquette look glamorous. 

My daughter recently took a break from our company that provides Austin Cleaning Services to visit Paris with Ajiri and her company  for three weeks.   She got to see firsthand the difference between American and  French Etiquette at the dining table. As much we believe it all starts at home, I do believe that the more you travel the more you can personalize what you learned at home to match your surroundings and grow. Ajiri ( In the gorgeous cream dress) and friends making Gathering Beautiful in the  bathtub at a friends dinner just makes us want to be there! 

Whether you are enjoying a night out in  Downtown Austin for dinner or brunching with the girls in Dallas, here’s some facts to know about your silverware conversations to your waiter.  

How to Tell the Waiter
I’m Resting 🍴(Don’t Touch My Plate so they don’t ask  “Are You Still Working On That?”

I’m Finished 🍴 Utensil Position

Where Should Your Napkin Be Placed When Your Meal Is Done?

Don’t place your soiled napkin on the table until you are leaving the table. No one wants to look at your soiled napkin while their food digests.

Does it Matter Where My Silverware Is Placed At The Dinner Table

A lot of things seem to not matter anymore. I mean let me be real and say I am writing this blog live from Hotel Zaza Austin Group Therapy Dining Table at Brunch.  Things have changed with phones and computers being mobile.  I don’t know how the future will change how we eat, but then knives were only used as a symbol of wealth in the 6th-10th century and now they are on every table, and in every drawer where we provide Austin Maid Housekeeping Services. It’s safe to say silverware is here to stay.  We might as well know how they speak without words. 

Do however note that your silverware, once used, should never touch the table or table cloth again.  There is the main reason why it is good to know how to place your silverware on the table – to not only silently speak to your waiter, but to be of good etiquette as well. 


Wrap this Austin Staycation Experience Up For Christmas And Thank Me Later

Gifting experiences over store bought gifts is the new rage that most would agree leave more of a lasting impression. I was already impressed by this staycation before my room keyopened the 🚪 door.
If you’re familiar with this Texas Hotel 🏨 that’s known for their collection of colorful 🖼 art, then you may think you know where this blog is going. I’m a regular at all of their locations, and even I was surprised by this experience. So buckle up, and read on with me for a quick overview of Austin’s Best 🥇 Staycation that will leave anyone with a memory of the experience.

Cabin Fever

My Daughter and I stayed in The Concept Suite called Cabin Fever.
The most memorable thing of walking into the door was that they even changed the lighting 💡 in the room to be dim to match the mood of the coziness of the cabin theme. ✅✅

Dog Art mixed with Landscape Art took us from the living room area to the AMAZINGLY memorable design of the bathroom.

Austin Staycation Bathroom

I just love a bathtub while staycationing and this Bathtub 🛀 was perfect.
The 🚿 shower was bigger than I expected, and my daughter raved about how the shower head had the best settings of water 💦 pressure. The color choice 🎨 was memorable and mood setting to say the least. This was and is one of my favorite Austin Hotel Bathrooms so far for the relaxing mood! 🏨🥇🏨🥇

Austin’s Staycation Bedroom

The Bedroom 🛌 had details that matched the cabin fever theme. The most memorable parts weren’t even the bed. It was the armoire and side table that made us fall in love with the bedroom. 💙💚
Since we are Austin’s Best Detail Home Cleaning Service, it was necessary for us to add a detail to the side table! So we personalized the cabin theme to match the Christmas Season. (No bears were harmed with our Personal Touch!)

  • Remember how I said I’m a Zaza hotel regular? Well this location did something that the others had never done during my stays. They actually provided turn down service on the bed and left chocolates and waters by the bed for the evening. 💙💚 Loved that Detail!

The balcony was small but there was room enough for me to enjoy the downtown morning fog with a cup of tea from the regular morning butlers pantry that ZAZA provides to guests on each floor by the elevators. Teas, coffee and Biscotti’s await you and I always partake!

Austin’s Best Staycation Hotel With Instagram Worthy Areas You Have To See!

What makes this Hotel Staycation worthy is not only the memorable rooms, but the amazing details on every floor of the hotel. The hit for us was Group Therapy on the 7th floor. When the elevator doors open, we were greeted with a memorable surprise. Of course about 25 pictures were taken here and all but one made it to the blog. Lol

Austin’s Best Staycation Bar & Restaurant All In One

Group Therapy is a restaurant that we ate breakfast and lunch at. Since it’s close to the pool 🏊🏽 I decided upon checkin to take advantage of the quietness and eat outside in one of the cute concept areas. It may seem basic, but the grilled cheese and tomato 🍅 basil 🌿 soup were a hit!
Add an old fashioned 🥃 or three 🥃🥃🥃 to the energy of the pool area and 💤 let The StayCation Begin.

Austin’s Amazing Staycation Gym

This Gym was the biggest I’ve seen in Zaza Hotels. (Then again I kind of skip the Gym when on staycations ) but this one was huge!

But There’s More For You To Explore At This Austin Staycation Vacation.

We had to get back to providing the best detailed, personal touch Austin Downtown Cleaning Services so we missed a few things on our visit. We didn’t get to dine downstairs at Perfect Strangers and we didn’t partake in the spa services.
So we are leaving the rest up to you to relax, renew and refresh while we provide cleaning services in Downtown Austin and beyond.


Let’s Settle Some Handwashing Facts Before We Touch Another Thing Today.

To the lady with the bumper sticker “I Love Labradoodles” that also loves picking her nose at pump 6 at the HEB  in Austin, you inspired this blog so thank ya.  What a coincidence that the peak time of  the flu season is also the holiday season time. With so many more people traveling for family and fun, germs tend to mix and mingle in. 

So let’s settle some hand washing facts and myths before we touch another thing today.

Is Soap Or Hand Sanitizer Better?

Nothing beats actually using water to lather soap to wash hands, but sometimes water and soap isn’t always accessible. If you’re choosing to use a ​hand sanitizer, make sure it is at least 60-70% ethyl alcohol based. If choosing hand soap, go with an antibacterial soap.
It’s all about the level of dirt on your hands. I mean if your hands are visibly dirty then nothing beats soap and water method. If you however have just touched the ⛽️ gas pump, then alcohol based 60%-70% hand sanitizer will do.

How long should you take to wash your hands

Most of us can recall the old saying to sing the Happy Birthday song twice to actually get your hands clean. This still sings true to this day. 😉 Keep in mind that the song shouldn’t start till you’ve got the water and soap lathered together to work….. now sing 🎤 for 20 seconds and rinse.about:blank

Hot warm or cold water to wash your hands

Germs stick to our hands because of the natural oils our skin produces.
Hot water is going to remove oils from your hands better than cold water. It is however not proven if either hot water or cold water is best.
Either way we know that water is a must at removing any dirt and warmer water always helps remove dirt faster so I’m going to stick with hot (water) not scalding.

How long does hand sanitizer last on hands?

Shocking fact that hand sanitizer only lasts about two minutes. You also have to make sure you’ve applied enough to actually make your hands wet and not just damp. Seems like a short amount of time, but a lot can be passed in two minutes. You touch the gas pump of someone who has the flu. Then you touch your door handle. That’s usually less than two minutes, so why not take advantage of a few dabs of hand sanitizer.

Air dryers in bathroom

Run from air dryers in the bathroom. Hot air dryers blow all sorts of germs back onto your hands. Just think 🤔bacterial 🦠 splatter in a hot area. Yuck. Paper towels are your best friends as to not spread or reapply germs.When we provide cleaning services in Austin we always make sure to wear our gloves, but that doesn’t stop the spread of germs at all.  I try to keep small hand sanitizers in each company car but that doesn’t stop germs either.  We can’t stop the spread of germs but we can at least be mindful, especially during the holiday season of hand washing etiquette. 

The Hardest Thing Anybody Would Have To Clean In Their Life.

I’ve got a cleaning tip for just about anything anyone throws at me to help them, or so I thought. On Monday September 30th all of those tips went blurred when I personally
was hit with the most tragic personal news I have ever received. Monday being the start to a new week, and then the tomorrow Tuesday October 1st being the last quarter of the business finance goals for 2019, I planned to finish strong.


Over the last month I had lost an old friend Gentry Mason, a client and friend Cedric Benson, and another person close to me Mrs. Terri Long from Longs Vacuum and appliance in Austin. From health reasons to a motorcycle tragedy, I cried, and celebrated every memory of their life I could to move on to work the next day to be strong. But on Tuesday October 1st, my planned strong end to the last business quarter of our Austin Cleaning Service failed and it was my first time experiencing a time in my professional career that I didn’t know how to handle the next day.


Having employees and clients that rely on your strategic planning to make everything go smooth as can be was the last thing on my mind. My youngest brother Jeremiah had lost his battle with depression. I had no words, tips, answers to emails or voicemails to offer. My business life for 23 years has been to push forward through raising children, a divorce, sicknesses and death, but this loss left me without a will to push for business and focus on family. I often let my Dallas employees take over our social media pages but I do monitor it, so I started to think maybe I could have them take over, but the more I thought, the more I cried so I stopped.

The Pause

Stopping and pausing were two of the hardest things I had to deal with during the next few weeks of losing my Brother. I tried to stay busy and attempted to work on Wednesday after I received the news. It was the hardest and strongest half day of my life. Pushing through tears while pausing to connect with the family for immediate arrangements all the while trying to work was a disaster. While standing in my clients home to do a final walk through of the Round Rock cleaning services that were provided, I paused and then stopped. My client’s son’s name is Jeremiah and he is at the age that his name is still on everything in his room. I tried to hold back my emotions then realized that my push was too much and I had to pause for my own mental health.

Push Forward

The days went on and we planned a Memorial service for that Saturday. I pushed work off on others and paused what I couldn’t handle without letting most know what I personally was going through. Being a small business owner involves wearing many hats. Most don’t need to know what hat I have on at certain times of the day but all hats at this point were pushed away on the scale of importance and it cost me more than money. I lost a client of 9 years due to me attempting a reschedule that didn’t work for her. I looked at our client notes and noted every time I rescheduled for them and every time I made a last minute adjustment for them and realized that I had to push past the personal and pause for myself.

The Personal

Death has a personal side that most don’t see that attend the funeral or memorial services. The cleaning of your loved ones personal possessions in whatever state they have left it in and wherever it may be is the most personal thing you can deal with in the end of someone’s life.

  1. Don’t do it all alone.
  2. Pause and reflect at your own pace, even if it means taking as much time as you personally need.
  3. Think of others that loved your loved one. There may be something memorable to them that they would like to personally have.
  4. Therapy is needed.
  5. Be personal with work so that people can understand your pause.

The hardest thing that anybody would have to clean in their life is the leftover possessions and last movements of a loved one.




The Inside Scoop On One Staycation Close To Austin

When school starts, most of us are on a financial and time crunch. So I decided to venture up the highway to find out if this Hill Country Staycation was worth it or justa place that looked pretty online. So I broke it down into 5 Facts To Know Before Booking At Horseshoe Bay Resort.


This was the first time in like forever never that I’ve walked into a hotel room that I ✅would give 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️to on the cleanliness of the room. Since I own an Austin Cleaning Service, my expectations of cleanliness go beyond surface cleaning. 
There was not one single thing I could say was not clean to perfection. 
We booked The Junior Suite and I was worried about being on the 6th floor (there are only 7 floors) above the 🏊🏽pool. ✅We had no issues of noise on a night that was 100% occupied! 
✅The room was equipped with free WiFi (without annoying codes to remember)
Coffee maker
✅Office area (because of course, I worked on a staycation) 🤷🏻‍♀️
✅Our Patio was on the corner lot which gave us privacy to moon watch. 🍾 
However, they forgot to mention
✅The bathroom had great makeup mirror lighting 💡I mean the whole mirror was lit to what was needed. So the small makeup mirror was just an added benefit. 
🛑The Large Bathroom had the tiniest vent known to man, hidden in a small area by the toilet. Why? 
🛑I’m 5’6 and standing on both 🦶, I could touch the ceiling. 
🛑It took quite a while to get the room to a comfortable cool setting. So we just removed the cover off of the bed 🛌and slept with the sheets. 
🛑Small bathtub 🛀but it was still great to have a tub to soak in.

Horseshoe Bay Spa

I was leary in booking major spa treatments since booking anything ahead of time was already a headache that went from Monday to Saturday. I only booked one massage treatment for The Mr. and I took advantage of using the spa area for a small charge of $15. This included the ✅pool (resistance pool 🏊‍♀️), ✅hot tub, steam room 🛑, and sauna🛑
Onsight it looked and felt so peaceful, but then things started falling apart. Let’s just say I wasn’t mad I spent $15 because the picture alone and quiet time was worth it. 
✅Massage 💆🏽‍♂️The Mr. enjoyed a massage time of about an hour specifically for tension release. He said it was amazing and he wished it would have been longer. 5 Stars to that masseuse because he is very particular. 
🛑The sauna and Steam room both had issues. I thought it was just me at first but two other ladies were complaining. The sauna just didn’t get 🥵hot👎🏽The Steam room wouldn’t steam unless you slammed the 🚪door shut. (Which I was instructed to do so by the staff) then the knobs on the wall from the 1970s fell off the wall. Oops. At least I made the other lady laugh while we enjoyed the non-sauna. 
When I mentioned this to The Mr. Who had the same amenities in the men’s locker room, he also mentioned the sauna didn’t get hot. That was odd because the staff stated the men’s locker room sauna was shut down for months so they could fix that issue before. Maybe that’s going to be renovated in the next phase 🤷🏻‍♀️
✅The Resistance 🏊‍♀️pool was a great workout and was beautifully designed. Unlike the rusted water cooler area. 🛑yeah, please replace this y’all 🤦🏻‍♀️

Horseshoe Bay Staff

👎🏽No one really knew what was going on and where and when it was going on without looking at the Resort manual. This was the same manual they gave us when we checked in. Ummmmm, I’m going to need resort staff to be in the know. That’s how you make tips 💰
I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised because booking this stay was a headache.

  1. I called to book but they said the prices were better online than what they could offer.
  2. I booked online but couldn’t book spa services without calling.
  3. I called the spa. No answer.
  4. I called the resort and had to leave a message ( this was Monday) Then Tuesday came and I still didn’t get a response.
  5. I reached out on Facebook and left a message. It showed “read” no response.
  6. THURSDAY I GET A CALL 🤦🏻‍♀️from a very aggravated rude older lady that sounded like I felt. Mad. “Hello I’m confirming your upcoming stay and any reservations you’d like to make”
  7. I made a spa reservation but she said there were NO RESERVATIONS available at the two restaurants I wanted to dine at. YEAH IM SURE OF THAT SINCE IT WAS NOW THURSDAY👎🏽
  8. ✅Lantana staff (restaurant in The Tower where we stayed) were all amazing and friendly. Come to find out, they were mostly from programs overseas and were working towards their degree in hospitality in areas of the resort. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  9. Shuttle Staff were friendly but didn’t know any times that restaurants opened or closed. That was odd.
  10. Management staff experience was great. I wish I would have met this lady on Monday on the phone initially. She made me feel better about the whole booking with her smile and courtesy. She was supposed to send her card up to my room but never did. I did however get a bottle of wine and chocolates 🍫delivered mysteriously on our last night. No card or anything. When I called downstairs to ask who delivered it and why, of course again NO ONE KNEW 🤷🏻‍♀️


This place is AMAZING and I’m kicking myself for not coming sooner. Especially since it’s ONLY ABOUT AN HOUR AWAY from my busy, traffic congested Downtown Austin Cleaning Service Life. 👀
🏌️🏌️I wasn’t in a Golf weekend mood but they are known for their 3 award winning Golf 🏌️courses, an exclusive member course, and a unique 18 hole 🕳putting course in miniature.

🤷🏻‍♀️360 Sports Bar: We drank here twice. The first experience was ok… pricey but ok. The second experience was interesting. The Friendly Young lady bartender admitted she pretty much didn’t know how to make the cocktails. Oh fun. 🛑

✅✅Jungle Kids Club looked so awesome. It was a huge facility with planned activities and a large play areas that would make any kid under 6 be exhausted after the fun times in here.
(We didn’t have kids with us, but this was a selling point for me for sure)

✅✅Marina Rentals. They had a great stocked gift shop with anything you need to wear for the weekend for all ages.💙💚Many options of rentals from Wave runners, stand up paddle boards, canoes, and boats. We took a Pontoon out since they didn’t have a ski boat available and it was too hot for jet skis.
Great memorable time and an awesome way to see the beautiful homes surrounding Lake LBJ.

🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️Yacht Club Restaurant was one place we didn’t get to try since we were not able to get a hold of anyone for a week for reservations. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
✅✅Poolside outside of the Yacht Club was great. Small sand area with many seats overlooking Lake LBJ.
Beware of the Bees at the bar. 🐝

✅Largest Hot tub in Texas was what this area was known for. Since I’m big on germs 🦠while providing cleaning services in Austin, This hot tub wasn’t going to be a stop for me. It looked fun!
Great pool areas over here with less kids! They even had a pool area with seating inside of it. WIN WIN!!! 💦🍹

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Lantana: Restaurant with a big bar inside The Tower where we stayed. Great service and food. Did I mention GREAT SERVICE 💙💚
Trails: Filled with parrots 🦜that they would allow you to hold.
Waterfalls for great pictures.
Very large open area with a few games for kids to play. They were the gigantic versions so of course it attracted the kids age 7 and up.

🎾8 hard court Tennis Courts
🎾6 certified clay courts
🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️Pickle Ball Courts. ( I had to google what this even was lol)
now this was a winner for sure 💙💚 ✈️

🏋️‍♀️Fitness center that gets a 👎🏽👎🏽
The Mr. made mention that for the size of the entire resort that the fitness center should have been bigger. He felt as if the fitness center was part of an apartment community. Small and cramped packed into two small levels.

Horseshoe Bay In Room Dining

After checking the blog of A Taste Of Koko who is a very well-known blogger out of Austin, I looked forward to a great breakfast in bed. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
She posted on her blog a picture of her in the bed with a lovely room service tray and a morning Bloody Mary. 
Ummmmmm mine was sent up in a paper bag and two plastic containers. 

Overall Experience At Horseshoe Bay

Overall I would most definitely leave Austin for an hour’s ride up  🛣to this great Resort. It was worth the 💰money. The only thing missing was the knowledge that I wish I knew before coming, so that’s why I wrote this unfiltered non-sponsored Personal Blog. 
Don’t go until you RESERVE EVERY PLANNED EVENT before check-in. 
Just don’t do it.