Warning About Placement Of Essential Oil Diffusers And PlugIns

Before you place it, plug 🔌 it and smell 👃🏽 it, you need to know this expensive mistake thatwe have seen many people make without knowing. I myself didn’t even think this was a problem until we were providing a move out cleaning in Austin in The Seven Building. The resident was paying about 6k for monthly rent so he wanted to make sure he moved out and left it as clean as when he moved in. We could handle the cleaning side but we couldn’t handle the damage that his Wallflower Plug In had made on the bathroom mirror.


Since you cannot see the oil dispersing into the air but you can smell it then you know it is working.  Have you ever thought of where does the oil actually go? Once a diffuser is constantly running it disperses into the air in an upwards motion. So it is best not to place the diffuser in an area is close to any surface above it.  We have seen damage on mirrors, paintings, cabinets and towel holders from the placement of oil dispensers.


Where Is The Safest Place To Place An Oil Diffuser?

Since most oil diffusers are a combination of water and essential oils of some kind it’s best to keep in mind also the surface we place the dispenser on.   If placing on any stone surface, whether it is a polished stone or not, place a protector underneath.  We recommend just not placing anything containing oil on any stone or wood surface just to be safe.  Oil Diffusers need to be in open clear areas from the top and bottom.  They do not blow sideways but they can be accidentally spilled by your cat having fun on the counter or by any human mistake in quick movement.  about:blank

Alert On A Must Have Communication to Your Austin Home Cleaning Service

One of the biggest pet peeves that I hear from people is that ” The Maid Moved My Stuff” and I can empathize with this situation.  It’s very hard not to clean thoroughly without moving things but it’s even harder to remember where every item goes perfectly in a strangers home.  When we provide maid services in Roundrock, Bee Caves, Lakeway, or Downtown Austin Apartments we make sure to add this tip to our training.  The  first tip is that if it is plugged in we don’t unplug it or move it. When we do clean rooms we clean in a very ritualistic manner so that items are not moved to other areas of the room but are dusted around or picked up and placed neatly.  
When we provide personalized estimates for Home Cleaning in Austin we walk room by room with clients to know and ask what to touch and what to clean around.  
That’s keeping the Personal Touch in clean. 

The Easy Hack To Keep Your Fruits And Vegetables Fresher Longer

Fruits and Vegetables are like our friends 🕺🕺💃🏻💃🏻… good for us👍🏼 but some of them just aren’t good together 🙄Jeff 🕺may be cool to hang out with, but when Jenny💃🏻 comes around he acts different. If this sounds familiar then this Hack will make sense to you every time you put your ….groceries away, or enter the produce section at Whole Foods or HEB. It’s the secret that’s in our face but we just don’t understand what we don’t know. Why are certain fruits and vegetables together in the produce section and what does it have to do with my fridge at home?about:blank

A hydrocarbon gas 💨 that you can’t see or smell, but certain fruits and vegetable emit it. Fruits produce it more than veggies because it’s a process in their ripening.

Now does the crisper drawers in your fridge make more sense in why there may be two of them?

​What Fruits and Veggies produce Ethylene Gas?

about:blankTomatoes 🍅
Pears 🍐
Peaches 🍑
Kiwi 🥝
Avocado 🥑
Banana 🍌
Cantaloupe 🍈

Which Fruits And Veggies Are Ethylene Sensitive?

Watermelon 🍉
Apples 🍎
Eggplants 🍆
Cucumbers 🥒
Green Beans
Lettuce and other leafy greens
Potatoes 🥔 (shouldn’t be in the fridge anyway)
Carrots 🥕
Summer Squashabout:blankCLEAN MY FRIDGE PLEASE!

The breakdown on how to keep your fruits and veggies fresher longer is to
 1. Slow down when loading the fridge
2. Consider cleaning the fridge of aging fruit and veggies before putting new ones in.
3. Separate Fruits and Veggies in the above groups listed
​4. Clean your fridge out often

We are one of the few cleaning services in Austin, Lakeway, Georgetown, Leander, CedarPark, RoundRock and BeeCave that 
clean the inside of our clients refrigerator without charging extra.

5 Household Cleaning Items That Are A Continuous Waste Of Money

These 5 products remind us of a Diva 👨‍🎤 Glam Girl. Packaged up quite nice 🎁 and seem easy 👌at first until you get dirty. 🙄


The maintenance on this thing is bonkers! Priced between 😱$300-$900 😱for low suction and just not for everyone. If you don’t know how to set up your own wifi 🤳don’t bother investing the money. ❌If you’ve got a long haired constantly shedding fur baby 🐶get ready to empty the dust compartment daily or it will break before you get your monies worth❌. The reality is the cost isn’t worth the maintenance to replace parts, filters, empty compartments and productivity it gives. You can hire a housekeeper for cleaning your whole house 🏡for 4-5 months for less than this thing is even worth.


If we one step clean our bodies with soap, why would we want to use three products or more to clean our bathrooms.🤔 If you’ve got tile and grout issues, a simple All Purpose Bathroom cleaner makes more sense than an individual cleaner for tile, grout, and glass. Sometimes simple ventilation as in leaving the shower door/curtain open can remedy the consistent tile and grout issues. Don’t let specific bathroom cleaners waste your money, time and space in your home. Hydrogen peroxide, ✅Baking soda ✅and white distilled vinegar ✅cost less 💰with minimal 👊🏽elbow grease than all the wasted specific cleaning products that are wasting space after they wasted your money.


We think windex and we think shiny ✨so we automatically think we can spray it on most shiny surfaces to keep them shiny. ❌WRONG.❌ When they came out with the disinfecting windex 😏 we saw a lot of clients using it in between our scheduled cleanings. It can permanently damage granite 😱and dull the shine over time❌. It can damage tv screens ❌and just is a waste of $3.29. 😳A touch of water on a microfiber rag are the best replacement.✅


Downy Unstoppable and other liquid softners smell nice but they add more than scent to your clothes over time. It creates a buildup not only on your clothes, but your dryer vent with continuous use. Instead add White distilled vinegar✅, baking soda✅, washing soda✅ or borax✅ to whiten, ✨brighten ✨and keep clothes lasting longer.


Is a complete waste of cleaning time and money. 💰💰💰💰For $12.99 to $24.99 for a dry and wet starter kit you find yourself rebuying the cleaning pads that don’t even stay wet on the floors for long at all. ❌Buying a washable mopping pad system saves you money ✅on the rebuying plan swifter sets you up on. Apply your own home made cleaner👍🏼because your dog doesn’t deserve to lick dried up swiffer cleaning solution on the floor anymore.👎🏽 The swifter dusters are the same waste of money with the automatic rebuying process 👀attached to the only a few uses and done plan. A rag assigned just for dusting can be used and washed and reused for little to no cost.✅

Wouldn’t you rather waste money on a bottle of 🍷 wine than overpriced and overvalued items like these. Some could need more maintenance than they are worth, possibly damage a surface over time, show up as being not effective ,or adds more steps than needed to get a job done? I’d rather wine 🍷 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
While providing cleaning services in Austin we’ve seen 👀every kind of cleaning tool collect dust and break that you can think of. We hope we’ve saved you some money✅ by rethinking how you spend money on cleaning items. We are on standby to give you back your time with a personalized cleaning estimate for your home.

The invisible Worker We Tend To Ignore

I will gladly pay extra for Guacamole 🥑 but when I 👂 hear the knock 🚪 of the…

Housekeeper at my Hotel Room I immediately feel rushed and the last thing I am thinking about is my extra time is causing someone an extra long day.

It Starts With The Guest And Ends At The Front Desk

I stayed at the www.junghotel.com/ in New ⚜️ Orleans recently and my room was of course not ready 🙁. I mean it’s New Orleans so I could go grab 🥃 a drink but not once did I think of why my room wasn’t ready🤔. The last idiot guest 😤who drank one too many New Orleans Coctails on Canal Street may have caused more work than usual in a first room.


causing the Housekeeper 💁🏻 to work extra hard and extra fast. This may have caused the work to get behind, and the front desk to have to break the news to me that my room isn’t ready. 🙁
Yes they are being paid an hourly wage 💰 but that extra work is now cutting into her personal time ⌚️ and threatening her job. Time is money. ⌚️ 💰


The Hotel Housekeepers are typically allowed 15 minutes 😳 to clean a stay over guests room and 30 minutes when you check out😳. Imagine doing that 30-40 times a day and what you may run into along the way. 😩



The Lost Personal Connection

It’s customary to tip the car valet 🛎 because you personally gave them the keys to your car 🚗 and they personally delivered the keys 🔑 and car 🚗 back to you. It’s also customary to tip the 🛎bellhop 💁🏽 as they personally take your luggage and personally bring it to your room 🚪 But the invisible work of the housekeeper 🛏who arrived to do her job and finished ✅without making a personal connection is lost in the rush.⚡️


If you’re a Mom👩‍👦‍👦 you can empathize with being an invisible worker. Yes we do laundry but the pre treating of stains, emptying crayons out of pockets and separating is not seen. Just the finished job.


Now that we can empathize let’s realize that extra costs extra. So the next time ⌚️you ask for a late checkout think about the Housekeeper 💁🏻that now has a longer day😴. Guacamole 🥑 is extra so why isn’t the extra time ⌚️of a housekeeper💁🏻.
Yes they have an employer to designate an hourly pay rate for the average job but we all live different! So tip the invisible worker and join the PayItForward movement.💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰




Thanks to Jeffrey Fry for the life quote on Facebook and Daron K. Roberts for sharing with Facebook that his Dad taught him this way of life and he lives it.


Before we even step foot inside to provide Housecleaning and Apartment cleaning services in Austin and Dallas we meet the client and space in person. We can guesstimate the time it will take but we can’t guesstimate how your day may be before the housekeeper arrived and how that may cause extra work and time. It’s just nice to be nice so if you know your home isn’t in its usual shape and needs some extra time leave something extra to make your Housekeepers day. A little goes a long way!

The Dirty Secret About Your Cleaning Service They Don’t Want You To Know

The “You get what you pay for” phrase comes to mind when I see other Cleaning Services in the elevators with us. Their dirty mops, buckets full or chemicals and cheap prices usually come at a high cost in the end to your wallet and your HEALTH!

If they use their mop at a home that has an animal that urinated on the floor and use it in your home you would never know. Over time you may begin to get sick and just think it’s the office virus but it may not be.


It sounds nasty we know and seems like a common sense factor but we all know common sense ain’t so common!


Do you know how many homes with animals were cleaned before they took that vacuum to yours? Pet dander and fibers from other homes can transfer allergens and other toxins to your home if the proper handling isn’t taking place.
Vacuums have filters and a Hepa filter matters! Filters need to be changed to work and that’s a step beyond just changing a vacuum bag. Opt for a cleaning service to use your vacuum or ask them their routine with filter changing and the transfer of pet and other toxins on the vacuum to your home.


Everything that says Eco friendly isn’t and every thing that says clean doesn’t. Some cleaners may clean a surface but dirty our indoor air quality. We forget to look on the back of a cleaner at the ingredients because the front advertising or scent grabs our attention. Many cleaning services keep their costs down by going to a cheap store to get cheap products. Many products need to be used in a well ventilated area but our homes are anything but well ventilated. We are in a four wall room without windows open spraying a spray which will leave a scent of some sort. If the scent is not from essential oils it could have harmful products that can cause allergies and headaches to become the norm. Air your home out and use an indoor air purifier with a carbon filter to cleanse the air you breathe of whatever product was sprayed.



If price was the factor in hiring the service will price be a factor if they break something? Insurance, workers compensation, and many more insurances factor into pricing. If you consider the cost of all of your personal items, in your personal space would you consider the price they were charging to clean it more? There’s also the fact of the non educated cleaning person using the wrong product on the wrong surface. Damages can be done without knowledge because they aren’t educated in the products or your surfaces.


It sounds drastic but it’s a fact of life. It costs to run background checks and to continue to monitor the backgrounds of employees. It’s very important to build trust beyond words when turning the dirt over to someone to clean.Our homes hold many dirty secrets beyond grease and dust so when going to hire a person to take care of your personal space be personal beyond the cost.

How To Put On A Duvet Cover Easily!

​If you have googled “how to put a duvet cover on” you are probably frustrated, annoyed, and just want to simply climb in the unmade bed and toss the duvet!

Well, I’ve PERSONALLY been there, so let me show you the Personal Touch on how to easily put a duvet cover on a duvet without sweating, cursing, or tossing it!  You can even get this task done in less than 3 minutes.  Please continue reading for a video and step by step instructions!

Steps To Put On A Duvet Cover Easily

​1)Lay the duvet cover INSIDE OUT with the opening on the bottom of the bed, flat to all four corners of the bed.

2)Next lay the duvet directly on top of the duvet cover lining up the corners and tying the four corners or pinning them if necessary.

3)Roll the duvet cover on top of the duvet from the top and keep rolling it down to the bottom of the bed where the opening is.

4)Once you get to the end of the bed, take one corner of the rolled up duvet cover and use the opening portion to cover the entire rolled up corner of the duvet roll.

5)Then repeat on the opposite side.

6)Pull the duvet all the way across the roll in the middle to now align the opening at the bottom.

7)Then simply unroll the duvet from the bottom to the top.  Pull the excess duvet down to the bottom as you go so you don’t have to shake out a heavy duvet.  You can just pull it when unrolling.

Lastly, button or zip the end of the roll.WE’LL TAKE CARE OF THE DUVET AND MORE FOR YOU!Pour a glass of champagne because this is a celebration!  You can share on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter the success of putting a duvet cover on without cursing, being frustrated, or tossing the duvet out the window.

Or better yet…If you are too busy to change your own duvet, you can always holler our way!  We’ll be happy to help you out with this and many other cleaning details in your home.  Simply click here or call (512) 248-0097.

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet and Drink Wine

Ever tried to fold a fitted sheet?  How’s that working for you?  Does it end up looking like it did when you took it out of the package or does it look more like a wadded up mess?  Don’t worry…most folks end up wrapped up inside their sheet, getting frustrated, and just shoving it into the linen closet and shutting the door.  You’re not alone.  But, what if we solved your problem?  Check out this video and the instructions below to easily fold that fitted sheet (and treat yourself after)…

Instructions For Folding A Fitted Sheet

You will need:  one unfolded fitted sheet that is driving you insane (with its corners and wrinkles), a clear clean flat surface, and two arms and hands ready to work!

1.    Find the four corners/seams of the fitted sheet and grab two of them.
2.    Place one hand inside the seam of one corner.
3.    Place the other hand inside the seam of the other corner.
4.    Make the seams meet by placing one seam over the other seam and covering it to make them one.
5.    Go to the other side of the sheet and do the same for the other corners/seams.
6.    Now you have the seams coupled up and aligned together seam into seam. With your hands in the corners of the seam, take one side of seams.  Use that seam to directly cover over the other seams that were coupled up.


7.    Straighten and shake a little and now lay on a flat surface.
8.    Make your seams look like a square by straightening the bulk side and folding it over.
9.    Fold once, twice, and three times.
10.  Flip and fold once, twice, and three times if needed to make a perfect square of seamed sheets.
11.  Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy.  You deserve it.  Cheers!

The trick to folding a fitted sheet is to keep your hand in the seam and not to take it out until you get it onto a flat surface.

Do you have a cleaning question that our housekeeping tips may help? Let us hear from you in the comments section below.

5 Easy Steps To Fix A Garbage Disposal…And Drink Wine At The Same Time

It seems the disposal always stops working at the worst moments…right when you’ve put the stinkiest, nastiest items down the drain and you flip the switch – only to hear a hummmmmming sound rather than the loud grinding sound you expected.

The humming sound doesn’t mean it’s broken. It just means there is a stuck flywheel situation going on.

Let’s fix the humming disposal in literally 5 steps:

Tools You Will Need To Fix Your Garbage Disposal

  • A long wooden dowel (or the long end of a wooden item that you don’t mind throwing away)
  • A pair of pliers
  • A 1/4 inch Allen Wrench or an “InSinkErator Wrenchette”

Save Money and Fix Your Garbage Disposal

​1.  Cut Off Electricity To The Disposal – Look under your sink and see if the garbage disposal is plugged into the wall or not.  If plugged into the wall under the sink, unplug it. If it’s not plugged into the wall, then go to your electricity box and shut off the electricity to your kitchen area.

2.  Grab Your Tools – Grab an “InSinkErator Wrenchette” (You can find it here on Amazon for about $6.) or a 1/4 inch Allen Wrench.

3.  Use The Tools – Find the garbage disposal under the kitchen sink and look at the bottom of the disposal for the small opening.  Put the “InSinkErator Wrenchette” or the 1/4 inch Allen Wrench in the hole and turn until you hear the disposal open and all of the contents going down the drain.

4.  Use Your Wooden Stick or Wooden Dowel – to turn the flywheel which is the inside bottom part of the disposal through the sink.  Then use the pliers to remove the item you may not want to go down the drain.

Pour Yourself A Glass Of Wine – because you just saved a couple of hundred dollars by NOT CALLING A PLUMBER!

9 Items You Should Never Put In the Dishwasher…And 1 That You Should!

The dishwasher is not only a time saver, but its temperatures reach the level to disinfect our kitchen items so we assume we should toss everything in there.  But not so fast…

Nine Items You Should Never Put In The Dishwasher

1.  Knives
The agitation of the dishwasher’s cycle makes the blades dull over time.  If you have been gifted or gifted yourself that wonderful block of Japanese Knives and you don’t want to spend another $300-$800 on more, don’t toss them in the dishwasher.  Any other knife that has a plastic handle is also not meant for the dishwasher, as it will eventually melt off in time with the constant heat.

2.  Cast Iron Skillets
Water causes cast iron to rust! If you have ever tossed one of these in the dishwasher there is no going back. The beginning use of a cast iron skillet is all about seasoning it. So if you use any kind of soap (and let’s not mention cooking it in an enclosed heated soap and hot water stripping mechanism like the dishwasher) your cast iron has been cast to the dump.

3.  Fine China
Simply stop at the word “fine” and break that word down to mean exquisite, beautiful, rare, delicate, AND NOT MEANT FOR THE DISHWASHER. China that has any kind of delicate rim of color or paint, or anything of that matter, must keep its fine self in your fine hands to be finely handed by you personally.

4.  Wooden Spoons and Spatulas
Any wood item that mixes with hot water or any water for too long will crack, warp and loose its finish.  Check the manufacturer’s instructions before dipping your wooden utensils in the water of the dishwasher.

5.  Crystal, hand painted glass, and any thin wine glass
Crystal is heavy, but not made for the heat of the dishwasher or the beating of the water!  Hand painted glass will lose its beauty if tainted by the harshness of the extreme pressure and temps of the dishwasher.
Your favorite wine glass may get daily use (I’m not judging), but requires attention by hand and not by machine.

6.  Non-stick Teflon pots and pans
If any pot or pan has a coating on it and you put it in the high temperatures of water and heat combined for a long period of time, it eventually won’t stick, and will malfunction.

7.  Disposable, (so-called) Reusable Plastic Containers
Let’s admit it…we all tend to reuse those plastic containers from time to time.  They however are disposable for a reason. They will melt if they are under high temperatures of water and heat and will cause more damage on your other dishes, and even sometimes the heat coils of the dishwasher itself.  Ever smelled a burning dishwasher? It’s most likely something plastic that is touching the heat coil and is now melting.

8.  Cans or Bottles
I know you just want to recycle it and don’t want to waste time and water rinsing to remove the last contents that are stuck inside.  Your good deed could cost you an arm and a leg with your plumber.  The glue that stuck the label on can come off and clog the water jets or pump causing your dishwasher to malfunction.

9.  Disposable Aluminum
Those lovely cheap one-time use cookware containers are meant for just that….ONE TIME.  So many people toss them in the dishwasher, trying to save $1.99 and wonder where the black marks come from on the inside of the dishwasher or on their other items inside.  The heat brings the black color out of the aluminum causing it to rub off on anything it touches while hot.LEAVE THE DETAILS (INCLUDING THE DISHES) TO US!

1 Item That Should Go In Your Dishwasher

Sponges hold onto a lot of bacteria and get reused as if they are just automatically going to disinfect themselves if you add soap.  NOT!
The hot temperature of the dishwasher is the best and easiest way for you to reuse that sponge for the rest of the week. Then toss it in the trash.

Stay Clean…The Right Way!

We hope this list of what you should not put in the dishwasher (and the 1 item that you definitely should) has been helpful.  And, remember for the items that are great for your dishwasher, there is even a proper way to load it to ensure they all come out sparkling.  Check out our previous blog article on “How To Load The Dishwasher.”

We want your home, including the dishwasher safe and non-dishwasher safe items, to be cared for properly.  And, if you would like the professionals to come in and take care of all of those details for you, then please give us a call at (512) 248-0097 or simply click here.  We look forward to servicing your home or business!

How To Clean Your NutriBullet or Blender

So you decided that this is your year to get in shape, eat healthier, and make use of that blender or NutriBullet, the dust collector on your kitchen counter.

Mornings are usually the busiest times in the household and rarely does the thought of cleaning come to mind. Then you get home from work and see the crusty blender in the sink.  Maybe you have put it in the dishwasher and it still has Chia seeds stuck in the blades.

Ugh….we understand, but so do the bugs that crawl around when you are nowhere to be found.  Bugs love crawling out of the drain into the unclean blenders left in the sink to nourish their own insect bodies….

OK – enough joking….

Let’s get to the point:

How to Clean a Dirty Blender

Just as you blended your healthy mix together, you will use this same method in cleaning. 

  1. Put in your ingredients: Water (halfway fill the blender) and soap (a small amount – at least two squirts).
  2. Press blend and mix the heck out of it. (You can even press chop.) The water and soap will cause a mix of cleaning genius by getting into all the crevices and hiding places where the juice remnants were planning on hiding.
  3. Rinse and air dry

How to Clean a Stinky Blender

Maybe you don’t like the smell of your husband’s whey powder when you want to make your own mix? Maybe your blender just has a smell that you can’t quite put your finger on? Well – no need to try to figure out the smell. Let’s just get rid of it!

  1. Cut a lemon in fourths.
  2. Add water and soap as described in the Dirty Blender steps above.
  3. Press blend, mix, chop, or whatever your fingers desire.
  4. Rinse and air dry.


How to Clean a Stained Blender

If you use berries of any kind, turmeric, spinach, or any other dark colored veggie or fruit, over a period of time the blender will become stained.
The only way to reduce this from happening is to use the Dirty Blender step each time after every use.

If you use Chia seeds or any other seeds please note that they will scratch the surface of the blender after a while. In addition, the coloring from the juices will settle into the scratched plastic surface. Unfortunately, there is no going back after plastic has been stained this way.

We recommend using the Dirty Blender steps which take no more than 2 minutes after each use.

Clean and Dry

Also, when air drying your blender or NutriBullet, do not put it in an open space face down on a surface.  It needs to air dry and breathe, so place it on a rack that has a drip pan halfway on your counter or in your sink leaving an area of air to let it actually air dry.

Cleaning Questions? We Have Answers

We hope this helps you keep your blender or NutriBullet clean so that you can stay healthy!  Do you have other cleaning questions that we can help answer?  We clean residential and commercial properties throughout the Round Rock, Austin and Houston, Texas areas.  We love to clean!  So, please leave your questions in the comments section below and we will try and help.  Also, please make sure and check out our blogs often for more helpful how-to cleaning tips.