Studies have shown that the air inside our homes are more contaminated than the air outside of our homes. I mean think about it… Our homes are like a little or BIG enclosed box where we cook, spray fragrances, burn candles, use cleaning supplies and have pets. We rarely open our windows to air out our boxes. That is why it is especially important to change our homes air filters once a month. Air filters trap unwanted particles from our homes air. Those unwanted particles include pet dander, pollen, dust, hair, bacteria and smoke. Some of the benefits of changing our air filters are, breathing easier, helping our allergies or asthma reactions and cutting our costs on our electric bills. So take a moment today and look at the grid outside of your air filters… Is it dirty? If so wipe vacuum off the grid with a vacuum attachment and replace the filter. Write the date that you changed it on the filter so that you can see over the next few months if you have begun to make a healthy habit by changing it monthly. Penny’s Personal Touch uses Eco Friendly cleaning supplies so that we do not add pollutants to your homes air. We also offer a service of changing our clients air filters for them. If you would like to add this to your service please let us know. Austin maid services, Round Rock maid services