nutribullet with healthy ingredients

The popularity of the Ninja Blender and the NutriBullet have made our mixing of protein shakes, smoothies, and sometimes even cocktails so much easier.

However, those blades aren’t easy to get clean without soaking…and if you dare use chia seeds they tend to get stuck in the hardest to reach places.

Follow these 3 easy steps to clean your blender machine so that the remnants of yesterday’s protein shake isn’t stuck in tomorrow’s mixture.  Ew!

NutriBullet and Ninja Recipes: What’s Your Favorite?

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I absolutely love that with the NutriBullet and Ninja you can just add the whole ingredient instead of making small pieces to fit inside the tiny blender opening.  It’s also wonderful that we get all of the benefits of the fruit and veggies by it actually blending the whole fruit or vegetable rather than throwing away the grinds of the fruit.

My favorite blend is a kale, coconut water, EmergenC Packet, chia seeds, mango and protein powder.  What’s yours?WE WANT EVERYTHING IN YOUR HOME SPARKLING!

Clean Your NutriBullet or Ninja Blender Without Scrubbing

After you’ve made your drink, you may want to make another one.  But you may not be using the same ingredients.  You will need to wash it out!  
You will need (are you ready for this long list?):
(That’s right: only 2 ingredients that you already have).

Mix the ice and water to the fill line and blend as if you are making a drink.

While the blender is crushing the ice, the ice particles are cleaning the blades and it will also get all of those hard to reach places clean.  The ice in this case is our cleaning brush or sponge.
You can add a drop of dish washing liquid to the mix as well!

Now simply rinse the blender in hot water and let it air dry.about:blank


We clean so many homes and one thing we notice in the kitchen is that no one’s blender machine is ever really clean.  This creates a breeding ground for bacteria to grow in the areas that we missed or can’t reach.  No one wants to drink particles from yesterday’s leftover mixture. So, please keep in mind that there is an easy way to get it clean by simply using ice and water.

Do you have a favorite recipe that you love to mix up in your NutriBullet or Ninja Blender?  Please share it with us in the comments section below.