two champagne glasses with candles and wine and cleaning supplies

Two people in love combined with candles, wine, and oils can lead to a messy, fun night. 

Let’s pre-plan the clean up now so when you accidentally spill a little wine or candle wax the night of the festivities you don’t ruin the moment by trying to “Google” how to clean it.
Cheers to the night whether you choose red or white.  You may have a spill or two that could give you a fright.  (Especially if it happens on the lambswool rug!)  Don’t worry – let’s plan ahead…

You Spilled Red Wine on a Fabric

Blot the fabric with a dry, microfiber rag.  Microfiber is wonderful for extracting water without rubbing.  The more you rub the stain in the more it settles into the fibers of the fabric. 

Two Glasses of Wine Can Lead To Such a Good Time….


Baking Soda and Vinegar

Sprinkle enough baking soda on the surface to cover it completely.  Spray white distilled vinegar to make the surface wet. Keep blotting your microfiber rag on the stain until it is removed.  You should fold your rag into four sides so that you can blot, switch sides, spray Vinegar solution and blot again.  Continue this process until the stain is gone. 


You Got a Little Creative With The Candle Wax – But That’s Fine!

Maybe you blew the candles out too hard. (They do sell candle snuffers – but who is thinking that fancy tonight?) Or maybe the candle wax was used as a prop…I don’t need to know all the details in how or what – but I know we have a waxy situation that isn’t sexy. So let’s pre-plan for the accidental spill!


Let It Dry! Don’t Wipe It Immediately!

I know it’s totally opposite of what you may think, but candle wax is easier to remove when dry.  If you try to clean it when it is still hot, it will just smear and make the problem worse. This is an accident that you can deal with the day after. 

If it spilled on a hard surface use the plastic top of a water bottle and scrape it off.  It will most likely come off in the same shape as it dripped.  Then use an orange oil cleaner to degrease the oil in the spill and it will wipe up as if it never existed!

On Fabric Spills

Again, let the candle wax dry before attempting to clean it.  Then take a dull knife and scrape as much off as you can. 

You will now be left with a wax stain on the fabric. Grab your iron and put it on a medium setting. Put a microfiber rag or towel under the fabric and then two paper towels on top of the waxy stain.  Iron the top of the paper towels and don’t forget to again turn the paper towels to different sides as the wax melts off of the fabric and onto the paper towel. 

The Massage Oil Oiled The Sheets More Than The Body!  Oh My!

Now let’s be adults and say the sheets may need the most attention before and after the Valentine’s Day Clean Up Session.  I would suggest having a set of sheets on the bed that are silky, sexy and that you don’t mind getting oily.  These may be your once a year sheets or your special occasion sheets.  Once the oils set into the fabrics it’s kind of impossible to remove fully. However there are some options to try! The day after, take the sheets off and spray the areas that have the oil stains with white distilled vinegar.  Then let them soak in the bathtub or washer with hot water and add baking soda and an orange degreaser to the stains.  You can add about 10 drops of essential orange oil which is a degreaser to the washer cycle. Wash the sheets and, before you dry them, check the stains.  If the stains are still there, repeat the first process before applying the heat from the dryer.  They heat from the dryer will make the stains set in for good. 

Remember that the pre-planning makes the plan go smoothly.  So restock the White Wine, Red Wine, White Vinegar and Baking Soda.  Add a little love into the evening and the Valentine’s Day Clean Up should go smoothly.  Have Fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!