Why use a cleaner that has all of this yellow highlighted area stating the danger to your life and pets lives if you use it. I can understand the harmful if swallowed, but this label states Do not inhale, get in eyes, skin or on clothing. Use in a well ventilated area. Well our homes are not well ventilated at all. Usually when we go to clean we just pull out the spray bottle spray and go. We are doing more harm than good though and don’t even know it. Our homes are closed spaces even if we open the windows and doors. So in order to use most non eco friendly cleaning supplies be prepared to wear a protective suit, gloves, and face mask. There are so many Do Nots on cleaners today that I wonder why do we use them at all. Your simple solution is eco friendly products. Baking soda, hot distilled water, tea tree, lemon, orange, eucalyptus lavender oils and vinegar all get the job done better for our environment and our health. The next time you go and spray a cleaner or air freshener read all of the Do Nots on the back label and ask yourself what should I do.
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