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Does your cleaning company speak English? If you have hired an individual are they bringing other people in to help them? Are they insured if they break something? Do they know how to properly care for the surfaces in your home such as granite, stainless steel, corian, marble? When hiring someone or a company to clean your home most people go for cheapest price, a referral, or a coupon offer advertised. Do your research before deciding on handing over your keys. How does cheap compare to mid price services on paper? Does the referral come from someone that has used them for quite some time? How long have they been in business or are you writing a check to an individual?

Cost Running a cleaning service isn’t cheap so why should the price be. Well we all know that cheap isn’t always the best especially when it comes to reliability. I’ve bought some cheap shoes before for the 4th of July just because they were oh so cute and I was only planning on wearing them for that day. I couldn’t even last 2 hours in them. Cheap isn’t always best! You want to make sure that the service pays their employees taxes so that you don’t have to in the long run. You also want to make sure that the company pays their employees well. Most people that are paid less than they work give work less than they should.

Specialization Did your cleaning company do a walk through of your home prior to cleaning so they would know what type of supplies to bring in your home. Every home is different and without seeing the job in person how would they know exactly what to bring to take care of your home. Anyone can spray a disinfectant, scrub, polish and clean but it takes a professional to know PH Balances and how they can ruin your marble. Or that wood floors need less polish and more cleaner to bring out the natural luster. All it takes is one scratch from the wrong sponge, or one scrape from a putty knife to ruin thousands of dollars that you invested in your home.

Reliability/Consistency Does your cleaning company make their employees use their own cars or do they use company vehicles? This is a big factor in reliability because we all know tires get flat and things happen. However when dealing with a company they always have a professional back up plan to make sure your home is cared for on time or communication is made to make other fast arrangements! Make sure to ask about company policies on rescheduling and communication in doing so.

Some cleaning services just hand their employees a list of homes to do and send them out for the day. Imagine going into homes all day that you had never seen before and being given a certain amount of time to clean. You would most likely rush the job! It’s always great to know that the owner or manager communicates with you often to make sure your team is caring for your home in a consistent way and if something is not to your liking they fix it! Before hiring a cleaning team check to see how the owner or manager keeps up with the consistency of work even if they are not on the job site every time

Hiring a cleaning company or team is supposed to take some stress away from you and your family but if you don’t do the proper research before handing over your keys you could end up in more dirt than you had to start with.