eco friendly cleaning supplies

Why does price seem to be such a factor when it comes to comparing Eco Friendly products and Non Eco Friendly products? Let’s take the included picture for example. I was strolling the cleaning aisle at my local HEB and noticed this box containing 3 simple items for $24.99. I was so shocked because it was basically 2 spray bottles, 2 lemon squeezers, a rag and a few recipes for non toxic cleaning solutions. I do applaud the brand Full Circle for being the first to offer this “make at home cleaning solution kit” in HEB, however I mock the price. Are you kidding me $24.99 for items we all have in our home and recipes that are free online. If you don’t have spray bottles, lemon juicers, or rags at home I can guarantee that you can find all of those products for under $4.99. I have also noticed that Eco friendly cleaners, clothing, sheets, towels are also more expensive than non Eco friendly products. Why would products that come basically straight from Mother Nature herself to your local store cost more? It costs less to bottle the products because most are made from recyclable materials and the cottons in the other products have gone through less chemical processing. Since non toxic/Eco Friendly is the “new” wave of popularity most people are trying to, and are becoming successful at gaining a major profit from it. Our maid service is Eco Friendly however we don’t charge more because of our conscious decision. Our prices are set on level of dirt in clients homes, surfaces, occupants, animals, frequency of service and all the extras we do! Don’t feel the need to pay more for an Eco friendly product or service because you are not doing the earth any good just the manufacturer.