image with a boxing glove that says fight the flu

At the end of the day the first thing I am hearing on the late night news is how many cases of the flu are in my area hospitals and how there are different types of the flu. We want to let all of our clients know that we always take all precautions in not spreading germs from one home to another. When we have clients that make us aware that they or their family have contracted the flu we wait to service their home until 4 days after everyone is better. It is a hassle on our schedule but a blessing to our health. A lot of us think if someone sneezes or coughs around us we can get the flu, well that may be the case but the more common cases are every day items that we touch. Did you get gas today? Use the pump? Press the keypad? Someone with the flu did too. You then touched your door handle to get back into your car and now the germs have spread. One quick tip is to use the gas station paper towel service option. Most gas stations have a windshield washer station under the trash can areas. They also have paper towels in that area. When getting out of your car grab one and put it to use in your gas transaction. In our clients homes we always use a tea tree oil solution to disinfect door handles, light switches, fridge doors, remotes and telephones. Those items are the most touched items in homes however they are also most always overlooked in our everyday cleanings unless you have Penny’s Personal Touch Services. If you are a Penny’s Personal Touch Cleaning Service customer we have you covered! If you are looking for Austin house cleaning or Round Rock house cleaning be sure to click on our website and we can get you covered too. Please do your part in this flu shakedown and let us know when someone is sick in the house. It helps keep our ladies healthy and our schedules on point. We greatly appreciate it!

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