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“Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” 

Teachers have prepared the classrooms for a fresh start, so let’s prepare their students for a fresh start before heading back to school as well – beginning at home.  To accomplish this preparation, however, we need to plan in an organized space. Planning school breakfasts, lunches, clothes to wear, after school activities, and everything in between takes some organized strategy. We are down to the wire, so let’s focus on the busiest parts of our homes that get used the most during the school year.Photo via


If bathrooms are shared, the morning school rush can be a headache. A simple calendar will help. 

Place a calendar on the back of the bathroom door. This will help remind your children of the time expected for them to utilize the space before the next big kid enters.  Remind them that whatever they take out to use needs to be put back immediately.

If your child has their own bathroom, a calendar is a good reminder for brushing teeth before and after bed with a sticker check mark.

Placing the routine into the beginning of their day will help with the flow of the routine for the rest of their day.


It’s time for Mom to step in and help! Everything that was worn in the summer may not be school appropriate.  Before back to school hits, remove items that don’t fit. Trash and unnecessary clutter need to go as well.  Plato’s ClosetOnce Upon a Child, and Buffalo Exchange all accept clothes for cash.  So it’s time to remove these items to refresh for the fall weather approaching.



If the kids are grabbing breakfast in the morning or making lunches, let’s take the stress out of the process.  Keep all snacks, juice boxes, and lunch boxes together and help the kids assume responsibility for making their lunches by placing all of the ingredients they can use in one area. It’s best to assign specific snacks and supplies for only school so that you don’t run out by the end of the week.  This way the kids know that certain things are only their treats for school lunch or breakfast.


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It’s also time to make a clean, fresh start at the desk.

Before this new school year begins, remove anything from the last school year and start fresh.

It’s nice to have new supplies for school, but why not update the homework area with new pencils, pens, and a new inspirational quote board for the new year? A fresh, clean area gives way to new and clear thoughts.


Sleep is important for focus, so let’s hit the following 5 things:

  • Flip the mattress.
  • Clean the clutter under the bed.
  • Wash all linens and create a routine to wash them weekly during the school year.
  • Make sure electronics, such as phones, are kept away from the beds to charge at night so sleep isn’t interrupted.
  • Is it time to buy a new pillow? Why not remove the current germy pillow, or at least buy a new allergen pillow case to cover the existing pillow?

Photo via www.keenerboy.comRemember:  Don’t overwhelm yourself with the last week before school starts setting in. 

Every home is different, so why not walk around your home and make your own personal list of the areas you need to focus on? Quickly clearing and cleaning is essential for preparing for the upcoming school year.