fourth of July cupcakes

4 Tips for 4TH of July House Cleaning Let’s make this 4TH of July Fun and Simple.  If your guest see you stressed and running all over the place they will not feel comfortable at your party.  Let’s prepare the days before so that the day of can be filled with fun!


There is no need to go into full force cleaning mode if you are having 4th of July guests!  It should be a celebration for you as well as your guests.  Let’s make the house clean the simple way.  Now let me assure you that after the 4th of July you will most likely want to call on us for the clean up! 


Bathrooms will need a full cleaning

Kitchens including oven and the fridge will need a full cleaning

Don’t spend to much detailed time on cleaning your floors!

3.  Delegate tasks. 

Get the kids involved.  They can each clean a bathroom  while you clean and clear the kitchen.   Team work makes the dream work!

4.  Think ahead. You’ve cleaned your oven now it is  time to pull out those serving platters that you most likely use once a holiday!  I can guarantee they need to be wiped down. Pull those out and clean them now so that they can be filled with fun party items the day of!

Check the grill! It may need to be cleaned and oiled so the Chef can grill without the cleaning prep Spread out your to do list from now until the 4th so each day something can be accomplished making the day of just a cooking the main dishes and enjoying the fireworks day.

.  Keep it simple. 

Enjoy yourself and your guests will enjoy your 4th of July party.