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Let’s push into 2021 feeling accomplished about not only doing these money savings tasks, but feel great about saving the money it could cost you if you don’t.

The Austin Weather has been just about as odd as 2020 this December. Since we are stuck inside more often than we’d like anyway, wine not, I mean why not 🤷🏻‍♀️ start the year off on a routine to save you money.

How To Clean The Dishwasher Drain:

We have an Austin Cleaning Service client that has a $10,000 dishwasher. If you think that’s shocking, you’d be shocked at the cost a repairman would charge for something you could routinely do yourself to avoid a bigger problem. Most drains are easily removable once you pull out the rack.
Imagine if you knew that one simple cleaning task if not done, could not only cost you a new dishwasher, but a plumbers bill telling you what you could have done to save it.
Dishwashers have filters usually at the bottom of the dishwasher.
The easiest way to learn how to clean your specific dishwasher filter is to google the brand and how to clean the filter. Here’s a past blog we wrote on cleaning the drain that should help too!


What’s that smell in my shower?

The dirty secret of what is removed while cleaning is usually hidden in your drain. If you are a hair shedder, or tend to wash the family pet in the shower, this tip is a must. Check out the dirty secret that was clogging our clients drain in our TarryTown Cleaning Service clients shower that shocked them. https://instagram.com/p/CHwGx4MlLeL/

Remove the drain cover, and get ready to be severely grossed out by the smell and slime build up. However, your simple step of cleaning this can save you a hefty plumbing bill or severe blockage backup.

The Dirty Secret Behind The Washing Machine Secret Compartment

Had to bring some fun on a flashback of 2020 to remind us of the broom challenge because WineNot?
​Most front loaders have this hidden door that no one really knows what it’s for. Well if you’ve ever had a load not completely drain the water, or other issues with your washing machine, this is usually a first step to possibly resolve the issue. You’ll need a bucket and towel.
Find the filter door and remove it.
Put the bucket under this area to catch the water.
Unscrew the knob inside and water will begin to flow out.
You will also see a lot of debris stuck in the filter compartment that you can easily clean off.
This step will keep your washing machine free of build up blockage that may have gone through the wash cycle and gotten stuck.

The Schedule For Your AC That Saves You Thousands!

AC Filters
It’s something we know we should do, but if we don’t see it, we tend to forget. Use your smart phone to put a 1-3 month alert in your phone to remind you to order and change the AC filters.
We are in our homes so much more now, that this step is a must for our indoor air quality and AC Lifespan too.
No one wants to hear an AC technician say that if you would have just changed the $30 air filter more often you could have saved thousands.

What’s That Smoking From The Chimney?

Meet Birdie, our Spanish Oaks Cleaning Service client that loves belly rubs by the fireplace.
Even if you don’t use your fireplace, there are so many things that could build nests and it get stuck in there that you’d never know until you went to burn your next fire. There’s nothing sexy about the smell of dead bird when trying to light a fire, but a routine chimney cleaning can avoid that.

When you’re done with these 5 simple money saving home tasks you deserve to relax in the comfort of a clean home too. Click above to routinely schedule your 2021 cleaning and enjoy spending time on your New Year Goals.