the character of alice the maid from the brady bunch television show

To the Average Joe a housekeeper may not hold a highly valued job, but let’s break down why that is so wrong.  You hand your home and all of its contents over to a stranger and trust them to care for, clean, respect and make your home better than when you left it.  That seems like a very highly respectable job to me once it’s broken down.  Your children may have no idea who cleans their bedrooms and baths or who scrapes the gum off of their hiding places in their rooms.  They probably don’t value the cost their parents pay for the help either.

You Think You Can Do It Yourself

Most people think they can clean their own homes, but either don’t want to or just don’t have the time to.  You shouldn’t have to clean if there are trained professionals that cannot only do it better but can also, in the process, give you time back with your family to do things other than chores.  

When I was growing up, Saturday mornings were all about chores and cartoons.  Now, Saturday mornings for kids are usually about sports activities and hanging out with friends.  Children should have more time to do childlike things (like those weekend sports and friend activities), but let’s not forget to teach them to value that time.  If you have a professional servicing your home, please make sure that your children realize that those weekend moments are a little more available because chores are complete first.

These days most of us really don’t have time to clean our own house.  Even if we make time to do so, it wears us out to the point that we don’t want to enjoy the rest of the day because we are so tired.CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR WEEKEND BACK!

Someone Else Is Cleaning Your Mess…So Why Not Thank Them?

With the Thanksgiving season approaching, most clients will leave nice notes to say thank you and, while that is appreciated, how are we thanking the housekeepers in our lives on their every visit?  Do you tip them? I am sure you tip the valet driver who simply parked your car and your hairstylist who made your hair clean and pretty.  The list of service professionals that we tip on a consistent basis can go on and on.  Consider that your housekeeper is also taking care of your property and making things look nice.  How do you thank the people, like housekeepers, in your life that give you back time to your days?

People Work Harder When They Feel Appreciated

When your boss gives you your performance review (whether it is annually or monthly), we can all say that a good review makes us work harder to keep the boss smiling.  A bonus may make us go out of our way to show our boss that we appreciate them appreciating us.  It simply boils down to appreciating the people that not only clean your home and give you back time to your days, but also go out of their way to do something in your home to give it an extra shine.

This can apply to more than housekeepers, too! Thank people that make a difference in your life more often than just on Thanksgiving.  The stores don’t even give Thanksgiving the recognition in decorations anymore.  I feel it is a holiday that gets skipped so everyone can go Black Friday shopping or decorate their homes for Christmas.

Please stop and say thank you, show appreciation, and show you care more often than once a year.  Sometimes the words, “Thank you” with an action can make someone’s day.  It’s just nice to be nice!