gloved hand cleaning a pan with a dryer sheet

Cooking during the holiday season means yummy homemade pies, stuffing, turkey…oh and greasy, caked-on, baked-on pans. 

When you run into your local grocery store to grab your ingredients for the holiday meals don’t forget to put dryer sheets on the list.  No – it’s not the secret ingredient to your grandmother’s pie, but it is a secret that will help ease the holiday clean-up process.

The fabric softening articles in the dryer sheets help lift and soften the hardened food particles in the pans you have used to cook in.  I have tried this in every single pot that required the scrubby side of the sponge.  Follow these 5 simple steps and notice “scrubbing” definitely is not one of them!

5 Easy Steps To Cleaning Pots & Pans

1.  Take a dryer sheet and place it in the pot, pan, or cookie sheet as soon as you are done cooking. The longer you wait, the longer step 3 will have to take place.

2.  Add hot water to fill the pan making sure to cover where the caked-on, baked-on crust has settled.

3.  Let it sit overnight (I have let it sit for only 4 hours before and it has worked).

4.  Use the dryer sheet to wipe out the caked-on, baked-on crust and the flat side of a plastic spatula will grab the remaining particles.

5.  Rinse and dry.about:blankAnd, for those dishes that are dishwasher safe, don’t forget to read over my blog on the best way to load a dishwasher!NEED MORE THAN JUST YOUR PANS CLEANED? CLICK HERE!How easy was that?  Try it!  Why spend your holiday scrubbing pots and pans when you don’t have to?  These 5 simple steps will have your clean up in the kitchen as easy as pie (pumpkin pie that is).

Do you have any simple kitchen clean up techniques you would like to share?  I would love to hear from you.  Please share them in the comments section below.