With the price of vacuums being between $45 and $2500 we rarely think about the maintenance side of the vacuum.  We usually just worry about the suction and the bags being replaced. The common plug-in and go is the biggest mistake we make with our vacuums. They require maintenance so that we do not have to keep replacing them every other year. Here are a few tips to lengthen the life of your vacuum. 



First unplug your vacuum before cleaning.


If you have a bagless vacuum, empty the canister after every use.


If your vacuum requires a bag, check the bag after every cleaning so that you know when the bag has reached the “full” line (which is not when the bag is at capacity but when the dirt in the bag is full to the line across the bag that says full.) You are not saving money by filling the whole bag. By filling the bag to the rim you are destroying your vacuum and it forces the motor to work harder than usual, then causing clogs. 


Clean the roll on the bottom of the vacuum and rid it of hair and debris. You may need a pair of scissors to cut all the hair and carpet that has wrapped itself around the roll. The more hair and debris that is wrapped around the roll the quicker the belt will break on the vacuum causing the nastiest rubber odor! 


You may need to completely remove the brush roll from the vacuum to clean it properly. After removing the brush roll clean out the air passages by wiping them off with a damp rag. 


To disinfect the vacuum, spray a solution of water, tea tree oil and vinegar on the roll and let it dry before use. 


If you have a clog in the hose use a broom handle to gently push the clog through and out.