before picture of a tv armoire and an after picture of the same armoire painted with white chalk paint

It is extremely important to do a walk-through of your home with the company in which you plan to hand your keys over to care for it.  We cannot stress this enough because every client is different and they have unique furnishings.  Unless verbally told or shown, a cleaning technician may not know or understand your particular furnishings or the hard work you have put into refinishing a piece (for example: an old antique dresser) as well as the money invested in each piece.  Sometimes when we change our home décor, our cleaning methods need to be altered as well.  Communication with your cleaning technician and company is key!  

We received an email from one of our Austin area clients alerting us to her new home furnishings that had a chalk painted finish.  We are so glad that she contacted us and made us aware of the change.  We needed some vital information from her regarding the piece so that we could ensure that we serviced it correctly.  It was so very important for her to tell us how long ago it was finished and what wax it was finished with so that we could know how to care for it.

Did you know that chalk finished furniture: 
absorbs stains, 
coffee cup marks, 
spray droplets of liquids,
and should never be placed in direct sunlight?  

2 Easy Steps To Clean Chalk Painted Furniture 

  1. Never use harsh cleaning products to clean chalk painted furniture as the chemicals will strip the wax. Even if your cleaning rag or sponge is rinsed it still may have a residue of the harsh cleaner and it will find its way into the wax leaving streaks. (This streak usually happens when the wax you used to make the finish is not Annie Sloan Wax).  You will need to strip the piece and start over if those streaks occur.
  2. Always specify one rag for your cleaning of your chalk painted wood furniture.  You cannot use the same rag you used to polish a regular wood furniture piece as you would use on a refinished chalk painted piece.


How Do I Clean The Stain On My Chalk Painted Furniture?

If you run into a sticky situation of grime on the furniture, and it’s been several weeks since the furniture was cured, then you can use one rag with light soap and water (that has been wrung out to remove all excess water) to wipe away the grime.  Then, immediately following, use a dry rag to wipe in the same direction.

Enjoy Your Chalk Painted Furniture!

You’ve heard me say it before and it still holds very true here…Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance is a big tip in the upkeep of your chalk painted furniture.  Before purchasing the furniture, please be sure to find out the exact kind of wax used before deciding how to clean it.  Then, follow these simple steps and enjoy your chalk painted furniture for many years to come!