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Ever tried to fold a fitted sheet?  How’s that working for you?  Does it end up looking like it did when you took it out of the package or does it look more like a wadded up mess?  Don’t worry…most folks end up wrapped up inside their sheet, getting frustrated, and just shoving it into the linen closet and shutting the door.  You’re not alone.  But, what if we solved your problem?  Check out this video and the instructions below to easily fold that fitted sheet (and treat yourself after)…

Instructions For Folding A Fitted Sheet

You will need:  one unfolded fitted sheet that is driving you insane (with its corners and wrinkles), a clear clean flat surface, and two arms and hands ready to work!

1.    Find the four corners/seams of the fitted sheet and grab two of them.
2.    Place one hand inside the seam of one corner.
3.    Place the other hand inside the seam of the other corner.
4.    Make the seams meet by placing one seam over the other seam and covering it to make them one.
5.    Go to the other side of the sheet and do the same for the other corners/seams.
6.    Now you have the seams coupled up and aligned together seam into seam. With your hands in the corners of the seam, take one side of seams.  Use that seam to directly cover over the other seams that were coupled up.


7.    Straighten and shake a little and now lay on a flat surface.
8.    Make your seams look like a square by straightening the bulk side and folding it over.
9.    Fold once, twice, and three times.
10.  Flip and fold once, twice, and three times if needed to make a perfect square of seamed sheets.
11.  Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy.  You deserve it.  Cheers!

The trick to folding a fitted sheet is to keep your hand in the seam and not to take it out until you get it onto a flat surface.

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