Clean glass stove top

Cleaning anything glass is never really about the elbow grease applied but the tools used. After cooking a meal on a glass stove top the last thing anyone wants to do is clean before eating right? Especially when you know it’s not going to be an easy task. Well I’ve found the easy in this task and I’m excited to share! First thing you want to do is ….

Consider What You’re Using Before Using It!

Think about the hard water building up in your shower. Glass holds onto everything from dry lint to what’s in the water itself. So choose to use distilled water in the dilution we are about to make. We are also going to use Distilled White Vinegar. This one bottle of cleaner is one of three steps on making your glass stove top streak free.

The Best Cleaning Solution To Make Your Glass Stovetop Streak Free

You will need a clean and clear spray bottle. Use one part Distilled White Vinegar to Three Parts Distilled Water. Mix together and keep it handy. (Oh you can toss any other glass cleaners you use for other glass cleaning projects out because this inexpensive glass cleaner not only will save you money but time.)

The Most Important Step In Getting Your Glass Stovetop Streak Free

Cut lights off that are above the stove top! This includes any lights shining on the stove top on any way directly. The light will heat up whatever cleaner, soap or spray, that you are using and cause streaks. That’s right, light is one of the main reasons that while cleaning that you can’t get your stove top streak free!

Now Let’s Clean Before We Shine

Grab your favorite soap or Glass Stove Top Cleaner and use a non scratch sponge to scrub away any grease and grime. Use a razor blade lightly to remove any baked on areas around the burners that the sponge won’t get off. Wipe off with a rag,that’s wet or dry, any soap left over.

Lets Get This Glass Stove Top Streak Free To A Shine

about:blankI figured I’d show you better than tell you in the most important steps so that you can see to understand that it really is that easy.