How to prevent frogs from getting in your toilet

Finding a frog in the toilet wasn’t the ideal way to end the first day of school, but that’s what happened to my friend Hopee and her Son Myles. When she posted it on Facebook I have to admit I busted out laughing, but at the same time I knew why it happened. Frogs like to….hop around, but not intentionally hop into your home. Frogs and their amphibious capabilities make the toilet not an odd place for them to be found. Now how they got their may be odd.

How Did A Frog 🐸 Get In My Toilet 🚽?

It most likely hopped onto the rooftop pipe and literally fell into the main vent pipe (vent stack) The Vent stack is actually the upper portion of the main drain pipe (also called the waste stack); so a quick hop down this pipe usually leads to the closest toilet. Which in this case was Hopee’s. 😳

How Did A Frog Get In The Vent Stack? 🏡

Since most plumbing vent stacks are on the roof of the 🏡 home, the 🐸 frog most likely hopped from the 🌳tree to the 🏡roof to the drain and straight to Hopee’s toilet 🚽
I knew Hopee’s home had some large older trees around it so I immediately knew how this toilet hop happened. (I’m still laughing 😂 writing this)

🌳 So it’s very important to keep all tree limbs trimmed away from the house. ✅

Some vent stacks can be found on the ground or side of the house as well. (So you can only imagine what could crawl in there as well 😑 )

How to Prevent Frogs From Getting In The Toilet?

Do: Cover the top of the vent pipe with something like chicken wire to keep critters 🐸 from hopping in. Use a material with fine wires and large holes.

Don’t use screen or even fine hardware cloth. They can clog with dirt and end up blocking off the vent. Whatever cover you use, make sure to check it when the seasons change to confirm the vent is “breathing” as normal.

A very cheap Hardware Fix, but if you’re uncomfortable climbing on the roof safely, call a Pro. Please don’t blame me for you or your hubby falling off the roof 😳 Call a Pro!👨🏻‍🔧

My Personal Experience With Rodents In Clients Homes 🏡

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Thanks Hope 💚💙for keeping it real on a Facebook so we could give you some inside scoop on how to poop without a frog distraction.
Love you 😍