clean living room with green couches

The purchase of a sofa is an investment in your comfort. However over time you can tell where your favorite seat on the couch is, or where your dog or cat love to sit when you are not looking.Here are a few tips to protect your investment of comfort. Most sofa’s have cushions that can be flipped. I recommend flipping the cushions both on the bottom seating area and the back resting area weekly. This step keeps the sofa looking fresh and distributes the wear evenly on the cushions. I am sure when you flipped the cushions you found some crumbs and debris under there, so my next recommendation is to vacuum under the cushions every time you vacuum your carpet. (Which should be at least once a week) If you feel you will forget this step feel free to give the chore to one of the kiddos in the house. They should be thrilled to find lost change and who knows what else under those cushions. It will end up being a weekly scavenger hunt in the sofa!
Vacuuming the entire couch with a vacuum attachment will remove dust and dirt from the sofa that you cannot see. If dust is building up everywhere else in the house you can be sure that it is collecting on the couch as well.If you are a smoker try to refrain from smoking on your couch. The sofa tends to absorb odors as it is a soft surface in your home. Over time you will become used to the odor that your sofa has held, however your guest will notice it the moment they sit down. The vacuuming frequently can help remove these soft odors. If you feel overwhelmed in the upkeep of your sofa try buying a slip cover to throw over the couch to protect it from stains and odors. You can always just toss the slip cover in the washing machine and dry it for a new looking couch!Serving Austin, Round Rock, and Pflugerville with Eco Friendly maid services since 1996