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Life is a bunch of piles. Work on the desk, bills, emails and crunched time to smash New Year Workout Goals. Then the Marie Kondo Challenge goes viral again. Putting extra…pressure on getting my workouts on track, eating clean and balancing work. So since music is my go to for a mood changer I channeled the lyrics of Drake’s “I’m So Proud Of You” song.

Fitting Time For The Marie Kondo Challenge is Challenging

I appreciate Drake for acknowledging that’s it’s hard, because a lot of areas of life are overwhelming making the survival rate of these New Year Goals a struggle to complete.

Personalize The Marie Kondo Challenge

To keep this simple and realistic, I addressed my top three priorities of life to live, before anything else.
Eat, sleep, time crunch. If these flow healthy, peacefully and in order my days are more productive.

How To Marie Kondo Your Kitchen For Your New Year Healthy Eating Goal🍽

Everyone in your household shouldn’t have to go on a diet because you are! Personalize areas of the pantry and fridge for your “Go To” healthy eating. Let’s call these areas your fridge and pantry VIP section. Most VIP sections in Vegas don’t want to be in the back of the venue. Everyone wants to be in the spotlight up front. So make your healthy eating options visible to see, organized and easy to access.

How To Marie Kondo Your Bedroom 🛌

Your bedroom needs to bring you more peace than any room of your house for a good nights rest. Change is good. So if it means removing distractions out of the bedroom then address it and remove it. It may mean switching up your mattress (did you know you should flip your mattress every 6 months?) bedding or arrangement of your room. As much research as you put into the TV you watch is the same amount of care we need to put into the place we rest.

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How to Marie Kondo My Time

This has to be the hardest priority of all. Simply putting time for myself before anyone else. Shocking but true! Office work gets done by placing a time frame on a to do task, so why not to do task time limit my priorities for myself. I know I have to be at work by 8 am but my body really needs me to be at the gym by 6 am. So I’m going to remove the clutter that’s going to stop me and prioritize the goal for myself first. We all know the clutter could be the snooze button option or a simple click on social media that turns into a wasted hour.


I personally think the Marie Kondo challenge seems easy for Marie Kondo because she wasn’t raised in the typical American Household. So don’t overwork yourself trying to keep your socks 🧦 folded in segments. Personalize this experience of addressing what is slowing you down. From eating right, sleeping peacefully and getting your time back in life it may be easier to address the priorities and throw the rest of the list away.