mattress with mattress pad on it

Quite simply you cannot prevent bed bugs, but you can prevent their ruining your mattress. First, Google a picture of a bed bug so that you know what to look for in your homes. Next prepare your home just in case you become a victim.
Most people have the misconception that their homes are to clean to get bed bugs. Ask yourself the following questions and then reconsider that thought. 1. Do you travel? 2. Have you stayed in a hotel or motel lately? 3. Have you bought new furniture? 4. Have you bought anything on line or in a department store? 5. Have you sat in a public place.
All of us can answer yes to any of these questions. Therefore we should all prepare our homes rather than wait until it happens. First check your mattress and box springs thoroughly in the seams and on the top of the mattress. Then with your vacuum attachment vacuum the mattress. Buy a mattress cover and a full zipped in cover for the box spring and the mattress. They are costly but cheaper than buying a new mattress if you do end up being infested. Regarding your furniture, make sure to vacuum at least once a month under pillows and cushions. This keeps dust and dirt out and keeps you aware of any bugs that may be making a home in your sofa.
The attached picture is of a mattress that has been sealed by a full cover on the box spring and the mattress. Invest in prevention today!

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