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​If you have googled “how to put a duvet cover on” you are probably frustrated, annoyed, and just want to simply climb in the unmade bed and toss the duvet!

Well, I’ve PERSONALLY been there, so let me show you the Personal Touch on how to easily put a duvet cover on a duvet without sweating, cursing, or tossing it!  You can even get this task done in less than 3 minutes.  Please continue reading for a video and step by step instructions!

Steps To Put On A Duvet Cover Easily

​1)Lay the duvet cover INSIDE OUT with the opening on the bottom of the bed, flat to all four corners of the bed.

2)Next lay the duvet directly on top of the duvet cover lining up the corners and tying the four corners or pinning them if necessary.

3)Roll the duvet cover on top of the duvet from the top and keep rolling it down to the bottom of the bed where the opening is.

4)Once you get to the end of the bed, take one corner of the rolled up duvet cover and use the opening portion to cover the entire rolled up corner of the duvet roll.

5)Then repeat on the opposite side.

6)Pull the duvet all the way across the roll in the middle to now align the opening at the bottom.

7)Then simply unroll the duvet from the bottom to the top.  Pull the excess duvet down to the bottom as you go so you don’t have to shake out a heavy duvet.  You can just pull it when unrolling.

Lastly, button or zip the end of the roll.WE’LL TAKE CARE OF THE DUVET AND MORE FOR YOU!Pour a glass of champagne because this is a celebration!  You can share on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter the success of putting a duvet cover on without cursing, being frustrated, or tossing the duvet out the window.

Or better yet…If you are too busy to change your own duvet, you can always holler our way!  We’ll be happy to help you out with this and many other cleaning details in your home.  Simply click here or call (512) 248-0097.