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Candles set the mood with their warmth, glow and scents, however they can also ruin the mood with their wax drippings. One wrong move of the elbow and your Valentines mood could be interrupted with a quick clean up of wax. Because we all know that wax smears when wet and is hard to remove once it hardens.

Depending on the type of surface it has fallen on we have the answer for you.

A Credit Card or Plastic Bottle Top

If the wax from your candle has fallen on a hard surface WAIT until it dries then take a credit card or plastic top, kind of like the one on a soda bottle and scrape the wax off. Since you are using a plastic object to remove the wax you won’t scratch the surface. Then use an orange based cleaner and spray and wipe the oily residue to bring the surface back to new.
With any type of fabric and candle mishaps a little more attention is required

Use an Iron

For carpets or fabric materials, an iron is usually the best way to melt the wax and remove it. When using an iron, put a cloth, paper towel or paper bag over the wax, turn on the iron and press the iron to the fabric, paper towel or paper bag. Move the object around to remove the wax. This causes the wax to melt and adhere to the cloth or paper instead.
Now if you don’t have time to clean the Wax Oops moments give us a call and we can take care of those for you!