Vacuum on the floor

​​​If your fridge has an outer water and ice dispenser, the chances that you’ve seen

white marks on the drip pan are probable.  Not nice to look at but actually easy to clean.

Here’s two options, ones Eco Friendly, and ones not.

​As we’ve all seen in this pandemic, you have to adapt to what’s needed in cleaning to be effective.
So don’t be afraid if the eco friendly cleaning option doesn’t work well for your stains. The back up option is effective and fast too! Remove the drip pan.
You may notice a lot of black mold where the drip pan was located. The water has seeped in the cracks for quite some time.
Going forward, we recommend removing the drip pan weekly and washing it, and the area around this to stop the growth of mold.about:blankGet a plastic or glass container that’s long enough and deep enough to fit the drip pan.

Place the drip pan inside the container.
Pour white distilled vinegar on the drip pan to cover it.
You may begin to scrub with a toothbrush or scrubby side of the sponge to see if the water marks easily come off.
If you notice they aren’t budging, then soak it for a few hours and scrub.
​Soaking overnight may be the best option for stubborn stains.

The Eco Friendly Method To Remove Hard Water Marks On The Ice Dispenser Drip Pan

The Easy Way To Remove Hard Water Stains From An Ice Maker Drip Pan Using A Chemical

Remove the drip pan and place it on a thick rag that you don’t mind ruining.
Use a Heavy Duty Acidic Cleaner found at your local hardware store and pour it directly on the drip pan.
You will immediately see bubbles form.
Begin scrubbing the white stains away and rinse.
This is literally a 1 minute time removal process.
Acid eats through things fast so you have to act faster.
Rinse, wipe and replace.

Personal Note From Penny

With both of these methods you can soak paper towels with the White Distilled Vinegar or Acidic Cleaner and wipe/scrub the other areas around the drip pan.
Be sure to rinse the areas with a spray bottle of hot distilled water after, since you can’t remove and rinse those areas off in the sink. 
A major thing we have noticed when providing Austin Cleaning Services, is that clients have a hard time removing hard water because they are using their hard water to clean.  Our Austin Housekeeping services understand theres a method to the madness of Hard Water removal and it’s a process best left to the Pro’s to routinely clean your home for you.