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Mother’s Day gifts of flowers and candy don’t seem so rewarding for the woman that holds the title of “The World’s Toughest Job Holder.”  If you recently came across the video that went viral from an advertising agency in Boston that posted a fake “Director of Operations” job listing online and in newspapers, you probably had to grab a box of tissues after watching. Click on the link above to see a brief overview of what Mullen, an advertising agency in Boston, described as “The World’s Toughest Job” that not only had no vacations and a 24/7 shift…but absolutely no pay!  You may want to reconsider that bouquet of flowers and a card and get a little more personal with your Mother’s Day gift.

“Yes,” you say, “I agree, my mom deserves something very personal and from my heart.  Something that truly shows how much I love and appreciate her!  But, I need ideas!”

Ok…I can help!  Keep reading for some fantastic Mother’s Day gift ideas that she will love!

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Make Your Mother’s Day Gift Personal

Being a mom is the most personal position a person can hold.  Take a moment to think of all the personal things the mother in your life has done for you and your family.  Then, take those thoughts and make a personal gift that she will understand truly why you decided to give it to her.  Let’s also teach children how to be personal in their gift giving!  

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Running Errands
  • Paying Bills

These are just a few of the multi-tasking situations that go on in a mother’s life every day.  If you have grown up to find that you aren’t so good at those things – why not pay someone to do those things for the mom in your life? 

  • A gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or a new restaurant in the area
  • A chef to come in and cook for the family
  • A meal delivery service for a week

All of these ideas are extremely personal and thoughtful gifts. (Especially when, most likely, the mother in your life rarely has someone to take over mealtime).
The gift of a clean home is a very personal gift.  Moms constantly pick up behind us, clean up after us, and prepare events that take more cleaning up after than the events themselves.   Remember all those birthday parties you had at home growing up? Who do you think cleaned all that confetti and silly string off of less obvious places?

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If you are a little more established in your career wouldn’t it be nice to simply just pay a bill un-expectantly for your mom? How about taking over the cell phone or home phone bill for a month or two and telling the mom in your life you just want to hear her voice more often so you hope this helps.

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If your family is large and many family members live in different places, a collage of love would be wonderful and easy to create.  Ask your family members to submit a photo with a theme.  For example, ask everyone to make a heart sign or even just a simple picture of everyone in the family individually.  Gather all the photos and make a collage of love sign for your mom to cherish.

Now that’s keeping it personal!

Please rethink that chocolate and flowers gift and really love on the mom in your life in a personal way this Mother’s Day soshe can truly feel appreciated.  Putting more thought into a gift than money goes a long way to a mom.  She most likely still has your elementary dried macaroni picture you made (and that was a relatively money free gift) that she cherishes.  If she cherishes it…think of how much more she cherishes the one who made it for her!Happy Mother’s Day!