wrapped Christmas gifts

Christmas morning can be quite hectic when trying to get the right gifts into the right hands with the commotion of the kids trying to rip to shreds whatever they see.  Bring some peace to the exciting storm with these tips. 

Alison Caporimo of BuzzFeed shows a wonderful 6 step video for gift wrapping that will save you so much time.  Be sure and click here and watch each step carefully to save time, energy, andtape!  Then, please read my entire article for tips on making your gift giving personal.


Assign a certain style, color or ribbon on each gift for each person.  You could start the Christmas morning out with hot cocoa or coffee and wrap a piece of ribbon on each cup handle letting each person know which colored gift is theirs.  This works great for big families!

Be Unique

Wrapping paper does not have to be store bought!  Look around your house for unique items to surprise your loved one with the wrapping.  To be creative with your gift wrapping, ask Dad to hand over some old ties, open them up, and use them.

If you are gifting pajamas, put the pajama bottoms inside the box and fold and cover the outside of the box with the pajama top and a ribbon. My family has done that in our household for Christmas Eve many times.  We all open one present of which we know is pajamas.CLICK HERE TO GIVE THE GIFT OF A CLEAN HOME!


Don’t just toss that wrapping paper in the trash.  Please remember to recycle it in the recycle bin.  And, before you toss it you may be able to repurpose some of the boxes or gift bags for another occasion so remember to sift before you toss.

Wrap Using A Personal Touch

Gift wrapping isn’t really easy and most of us don’t have time to wrap all the fun gifts that we have bought. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to let the kids in on the wrapping of gifts to other family members.  There might be a lot of tape involved…but that’s the fun of it.  Their wrapping style will be unique to them and a memory for years to come. 
We want to hear from you!  Do you have any gift wrapping tips to share? Please let us hear about them in the comments section below.