How your silverware should speak to your waiter

Is it me, or does the waiter tend to come to the table at the wrong times? Well here’s a quick way to speak to your waiter without saying a word. Let’s just hope they too speak utensil etiquette American Style.
I say American Style, because The French use silverware etiquette in a whole other format. I’m sure my girlfriend Ajiri of Madame de le Maison can school us all on that, as she makes Gathering Beautiful with her linens and antiques in Paris. She makes dining and etiquette look glamorous. 

My daughter recently took a break from our company that provides Austin Cleaning Services to visit Paris with Ajiri and her company  for three weeks.   She got to see firsthand the difference between American and  French Etiquette at the dining table. As much we believe it all starts at home, I do believe that the more you travel the more you can personalize what you learned at home to match your surroundings and grow. Ajiri ( In the gorgeous cream dress) and friends making Gathering Beautiful in the  bathtub at a friends dinner just makes us want to be there! 

Whether you are enjoying a night out in  Downtown Austin for dinner or brunching with the girls in Dallas, here’s some facts to know about your silverware conversations to your waiter.  

How to Tell the Waiter
I’m Resting 🍴(Don’t Touch My Plate so they don’t ask  “Are You Still Working On That?”

I’m Finished 🍴 Utensil Position

Where Should Your Napkin Be Placed When Your Meal Is Done?

Don’t place your soiled napkin on the table until you are leaving the table. No one wants to look at your soiled napkin while their food digests.

Does it Matter Where My Silverware Is Placed At The Dinner Table

A lot of things seem to not matter anymore. I mean let me be real and say I am writing this blog live from Hotel Zaza Austin Group Therapy Dining Table at Brunch.  Things have changed with phones and computers being mobile.  I don’t know how the future will change how we eat, but then knives were only used as a symbol of wealth in the 6th-10th century and now they are on every table, and in every drawer where we provide Austin Maid Housekeeping Services. It’s safe to say silverware is here to stay.  We might as well know how they speak without words. 

Do however note that your silverware, once used, should never touch the table or table cloth again.  There is the main reason why it is good to know how to place your silverware on the table – to not only silently speak to your waiter, but to be of good etiquette as well.