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I’m sure my phone was listening to me scream “I need a getaway” for the last couple of weeks, so of course I wasn’t surprised when something titled Getaway House Hill Country barely an hour outside of Austin popped up on my social media feed. What made me book was the affordable pricing and the image they showcased. Once we stayed, we realized why the price was so affordable and what the image meant to a visitor. It’s not foreveryone, so don’t be like me and let the showcase image or paid bloggers posts make you leap into it. Here’s some inside scoop into our Getaway in Wimberley in between juggling our Austin cleaning services and trying to exhale at the same time.

Getaway House Hill Country Location

No, this picture is not from the Getaway House Hill country, but it was from the drive there. Passing so many Private Property, No Trespassing Signs made me want to know the story and history behind the stone walls and Iron Gates. Let’s just say if you want to hide out here, it’s easy to do that!
​A nice scenic drive barely an hour outside of Austin was great but bad at the same time. Since it’s the covid-19 pandemic time, it was sad to drive by so many places that looked worth stopping in (Like The Deep Eddy Distillery) and some cute antique shops, but we had to stay focused on getting to Getaway. They sent us a map and some local hot spots to check out while we were in the area like Jacobs Well and Blue Hole, but trying to get away from people with the thought of so many people at those hot spots made my daughter make the executive decision of NO. Here’s the link they sent us with places nearby https://journal.getaway.house/explore-get

Arrival Procedures Down The Unknown Dirt Road in Wimberley

If you’re like me, I like to know who, what, where, when and why. So this whole not knowing what we were driving up to had me leery. I’m just glad we came during the daylight.
All communication was done through text and email. A code was sent prior to our 3pm arrival to the door and they were welcoming in asking if we needed anything to just reply back.
We arrived early and kind of scoped out the area. We were thankful that someone stopped and asked us of our reservation and let us check in early. They post that they don’t allow that, so I wouldn’t bank on it, but I was grateful that some personnel were driving through to keep an eye on things.

Wimberley Tiny House/Cabin/Trailer, I don’t know?

I don’t know if we want to call this a cabin since it’s on wheels but the inside pine wood and simplicity in design made it feel cabin-like.

The Neighbor Vibe 40 Cabins
Deep In Getaway House Hill Country

There were 40 other “cabins” around us. We barely saw anyone or heard anyone unless they were walking their dogs (dogs allowed no cats lol) we all had our own 4 chairs, bench, and fire pit to cook, but since they asked for the fires to be out by midnight, it seemed that we all shut down too early to hear any ruckus if any was being made. Oh and the metal fine note was another reminder to not get too drunk by the campfire or else lol

I think a lot of us were trying to walk around the area to find the suggested nature trail that was showcased on our map through the campsite area but none of us really found that, so the dirt road gave us a workout. My daughter and I ventured to the only water we saw and found obvious clues of alive, well, and moving nature, so venturing anywhere after that kept us close to the “cabin” area.

What GetAway Hill Country Offers and What They Don’t that we noticed

They have a Provisions Kit of which they tell you about prior to coming that has items to purchase.  

We brought our own food, wine and only used a few items on their list.
The best part of what they offered was the S’mores. It was a freebie for us to enjoy, so that sweetened the idea to fire up and use the wood they provided (starter log too) to set the cabin mood.  (Bundle of wood cost $6.50) 

Tip: check the Provisions items when you arrive to see if the quantity matches what is there. We were charged for items we didn’t use. I remember seeing tea on the list and saying Yay until it wasn’t found in the basket. It however found its way to my bill  w/4 tea bags $2.50 uh no ma’am. Refunded and appreciated but take note of that. 
The Pot, pans, dishes, silverware (including sharp knives, lighter, kettle, books, and deck of cards,  were great.  

The bathroom had small toiletries as well in the shower and towels. 
Note that no face towels were provided. 
A hilarious find was the Red Emergency Kit by the toilet paper holder. What would you think would be in an emergency kit? Yeah me too? Bandaids, etc. nope.  Ours had tampons, 4 to be exact. 

I was reminded I was camping when I looked to brush my teeth and wash my hands after using the bathroom. The only sink is in the kitchen area outside of the bathroom. So toothbrush time may need to be done in the shower. 
Oh, and the only mirror was a very small mirror that would fit in your junior high school locker that was tucked in the kitchen cabinet.  So if you’re trying to come here for the Instagram photo session honey bring a mirror.  lol 

 A dog bowl, foil, dustpan, and small sweeper were hidden under the sink for use too. 

So basically if you come for a night with nothing but the clothes on your back, you will be just fine. 

The water from the faucet states “drinking water” so I’m guessing that was filtered to use but of course, we didn’t risk that one and brought our own.  ​

Overall Personal Experience 

Well for $99 a night, barely an hour drive, and what they offer inside and outside of the Getaway House I would say yes for me. I guess it’s personal and about the expectations, you have for a full Getaway. Notice I didn’t mention they have an entry lockbox on the table for phones. I for one would like to have my phone on me in the middle of no damn where for the just Incase moment. I would also like to have a few friends rent Getaway Homes next to me for us all to camp out and have a quick getaway house time together.  So take my advice and others and personalize it to what you want and GetAway if you feel it’s a good fit.