kitchen cabinets with an xray of a loaded dishwasher

We all get tired of pulling items out of the dishwasher and putting those same items right back in because of grit and grime that never got washed off completely. Most of us tend to blame the dishwashing detergent that we are using and the commercials all tell us that Cascade is #1. Well, I am here to tell you that with all of the dishwashers we load and unload in the Penny’s Personal Touch Services World that Cascade is not #1!It’s all in how you stack it!

Load your silverware mouth side up in the silverware racks
Load the largest dishes on the back, front and outside parts of the bottom rack dirty side facing the center part of the dishwasher
Load the smallest items in the middle.

The water usually sprays in the middle and if you have the largest items in the middle of the racks they usually get most of the water and suds and block the other items because of their size.

Unfortunately our dishwashers don’t come with X-Ray machines so we can’t tell what’s clean or not until the end of the dry cycle so take your time loading the dishwasher the right way so your dishes can be dinner time ready!