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Many people in Austin and surrounding areas are loyal to the local businesses and ventures however some of us don’t even consider keeping it local when making a purchase.When shopping for birthday gifts I like to buy from the local artisans at Pecan Street Festival or any of our locally owned shops. It not only makes my gifts to my friends and clients unique it keeps my money in the Austin economy. When doing business with a local business rather than a chain the local companies tend to care more about the services and products provided and they become more personal with their clientele so that you can tell your local friends and family to also use their services or buy their products. We buy our Miele Vacuums at Longs Vacuum and Appliance and also Barron’s Vacuum in Cedar Park. Both of these stores are local and they fix our vacuums right in the shop without having to send them off for repairs.I like to tell our clients about Z&M Jewelry in Round Rock as they repair and sell jewelry at an affordable price because they also do all of their work locally. Let’s all participate in the local economy!