clean front loading washing machine

Front load washing machines are great for many reasons. They use less water and seem to be able to handle a larger load of clothes than most older top loaders. However the mildew smell is a common problem with these new machines. The reason we tend to get a mildew odor is because the water washes differently than a top loader that drains all the water from the bottom and sides of the machine. After a cycle of washing the front loaders tend to leave water in the rubber inner lining of the opening which most of us forget about and it sits and builds up causing mildew. Take a few steps to erase this problem. After each load wipe the inner rubber lining of the machine with s mixture of vinegar and water to soak up any extra water and to disinfect and kill mold build up. Then leave the machine door open to dry out any water left behind. If this becomes routine in your washing cycle you can forget about the mold smell ever again. Austin maid service Round rock maid service Eco friendly cleaning only