baby smiling while on the floor

Whether your feet are wearing the latest Gucci heels or your favorite running shoes. Imagine all the toxins that the bottom of your shoes have stepped on throughout the day. Antifreeze, oil, animal waste, pollen, and a whole range of other particulate pollutions. If you have small children,babies or pets at home they are now touching all of those toxins and most likely putting them in their mouths. Let’s face it, babies put their hands on the ground and then in their mouths. Dogs and cats love to lick not only you but the floors as well. Leave the sidewalks and the running trails out of your homes. When the ladies of Penny’s Personal Touch cleaning services service our clients homes we remove our shoes while inside or we wear booties over our shoes to protect not only your floors but your families health. Removing your shoes at your front door is a sign of respect not only to your home but to your families health. Place a pair of house shoes/slippers right by the front door and remove your shoes immediately. Every step you take is spreading the outdoor pollutants in your home. From wood, tile, to carpet fibers and rugs. All of this can be prevented by the simple gesture of removing ones shoes.