dirty air filter

Every month I try to remind our clients to change their home’s A.C. filters however this month I am adding another filter to the list. First let’s start with the usual reminder of changing your homes air filters. This will keep the allergen count down in your home and also help the A.C itself to run at the usual pace. When a filter is dirty it causes the A.C to not only blow dirt and allergens back into your homes atmosphere but it also causes the A.C to work extra hard.

Did you know your vacuum has a filter as well. They are usually the type of filters that you can rinse and let dry however some are the kind you have to buy. If you have pets its best to check that filter monthly as well.
A clogged vacuum filter causes the vacuum to have a foul odor when in use. It also causes the vacuum to have to work the motor extra hard which in the long run burns the vacuum out completely.

So think about the filter in your vacuum the next time to go to clean. You may be doing more harm than good while vacuuming with a dirty, clogged filter.

About 80% of our clients have Dyson vacuum cleaners so please make a note of the air filter attached to this reminder email so you can buy a few to keep on hand in your home.