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Woman sitting in a house eating

I’m sure my phone was listening to me scream “I need a getaway” for the last couple of weeks, so of course

The do's and don'ts of Lysol wipes

Two months deep into this pandemic and stores still can’t match the demand for Lysol wipes and sprays. It’s a shame because

Woman cleaning off a stove

By the look of the cleaning aisle in H-E-B, it seems that everyone seems to think that every cleaning product is essential

Image of a white bed with folded clothes

There’s no need to go crazy disinfecting and cleaning daily unless someone is actively sick, but there is a crucial need for every member of your

Image of woman cleaning off a bathroom sink

When this COVID-19 outbreak occurred it brought panic to people to rush and buy all sorts of chemical cleaners, many of which are

The trick to clean pendant lights

Sometimes I don’t think home designers consider the living that goes into each room when they design it. Like who ever thought

The hotel secret you should sleep with at home

Let’s talk dirty in the bedroom for a few minutes since we are a day after Valentine’s Day and we may be

5 alarming germ facts about your pedicure

Flexibility in reaching our toes, let alone flexibility in time, kind of makes us rush to the nearest 💅 nail salon. The rush to

How your silverware should speak to your waiter

Is it me, or does the waiter tend to come to the table at the wrong times? Well here’s a quick way