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Sometimes I don’t think home designers consider the living that goes into each room when they design it. Like who ever thought

Let’s talk dirty in the bedroom for a few minutes since we are a day after Valentine’s Day and we may be

Flexibility in reaching our toes, let alone flexibility in time, kind of makes us rush to the nearest 💅 nail salon. The rush to

Is it me, or does the waiter tend to come to the table at the wrong times? Well here’s a quick way

Gifting experiences over store bought gifts is the new rage that most would agree leave more of a lasting impression. I was

To the lady with the bumper sticker “I Love Labradoodles” that also loves picking her nose at pump 6 at the HEB 

I’ve got a cleaning tip for just about anything anyone throws at me to help them, or so I thought. On Monday September

Can someone tell me what’s up with Austin’s New Hot Spots not placing the name of the business in big bold print

Let’s be real honest here..No one wants to clean their own house so it takes a special person to want to clean other