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Austin's best new staycation image

Gifting experiences over store bought gifts is the new rage that most would agree leave more of a lasting impression. I was

Image of hand soap with the caption Let's settle some hand washing facts before we touch another thing today

To the lady with the bumper sticker “I Love Labradoodles” that also loves picking her nose at pump 6 at the HEB 

The hardest thing that anybody would have to clean in their life

I’ve got a cleaning tip for just about anything anyone throws at me to help them, or so I thought. On Monday September

Beyond the wood door at Austin's hottest new reservation only spot

Can someone tell me what’s up with Austin’s New Hot Spots not placing the name of the business in big bold print

5 unspoken truths housekeepers want you to know

Let’s be real honest here..No one wants to clean their own house so it takes a special person to want to clean other

How to prevent smelly shoe odors in my closet

Austin is a great city to enjoy the outdoors in! Even if you take your shoes off at the door 🚪 your

5 things your houseguest needs in their bedroom

Hosting People Can Be stressful and fun at the same time, but if you place yourselfin your guests shoes, it won’t take

How to prevent frogs from getting in your toilet

Finding a frog in the toilet wasn’t the ideal way to end the first day of school, but that’s what happened to

What they forgot to mention, but i found out at this resort close to Austin

When school starts, most of us are on a financial and time crunch. So I decided to venture up the highway to