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What they forgot to mention, but i found out at this resort close to Austin

When school starts, most of us are on a financial and time crunch. So I decided to venture up the highway to

5 things you didn't think need to be tossed before school starts

The one thing that really made me mad when my Kids finally moved out and went to college was that they had

4 unsexy pillow talk facts you need to know

There’s nothing sexy about this pillow talk but it could save you from being sick. While no one has timeOr cares to

5 quick things to do around the house to make her smile

Any kind of housework doesn’t seem like a sexy thing to do for a man, but there’s a secret to the sexy

Warning about the placement of oil diffusors and plugins

Before you place it, plug 🔌 it and smell 👃🏽 it, you need to know this expensive mistake thatwe have seen many

What's the shelf life on wine and liquor?

“Spring cleaning is fun!” Said no one ever but it’s a good way to feel accomplished since New Years Goals failed. Finding

3 common hardwood floor cleaning mistakes

For some reason we associate shiny to….clean. Have you ever seen a woman with too much highlighter/contour and wonder why did she

Image of a Neimen Marcus magazine

In between sorting through mail and tossing the bills on the floor, (oh and wine with 3 ice cubes) 🍷the truth came

5 non-obvious things to clean before moving in

Moving is already stressful enough 🧠with the time ⏰ crunch and services ✅needed to make the process easier. But when I recently