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Moving is already stressful enough 🧠with the time ⏰ crunch and services ✅needed to make the process easier. But when I recently

When a handyman takes 5 minutes ⏰ and charges me $99💰💰that’s a lesson I’ll learn one time! I’m all about maintenance ✅before

Life is a bunch of piles. Work on the desk, bills, emails and crunched time to smash New Year Workout Goals. Then

The only thing that should be quick in the bedroom is cleaning 🧹 🛌. (Wink 😉) I know it’s hard to imagine

When you’ve cleaned your bathroom and it still smells like urine I can guarantee that you haven’t cleaned at least one of

Even if they aren’t in their for ⏰ long it doesn’t take a guest 🙍🏼‍♀️ long enough to …..see👀, touch🖐🏽, smell👃🏽 and

Austin weather is as abnormal as your teenager cleaning their room without you asking. So before we blame the itchy eyes, sneezing

Vacuuming on a regular basis removed dust 😷 and allergens, but it can also make your allergies flare up 😮.  if you

Fruits and Vegetables are like our friends 🕺🕺💃🏻💃🏻… good for us👍🏼 but some of them just aren’t good together 🙄Jeff 🕺may be cool to hang