bottle of wine labeled flowers with a vase that wraps around the bottle neck with a rose in it

I love finding unique vases that compliment the flowers. Unfortunately this unique vase decided it was going to hold onto more than flowers and pose a problem for cleaning it. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to remove the white build up with this simple three step trick with this odd yet cute vase.

What exactly is this white ring in the vase?

When we provide cleaning services in and around Austin one thing we will usually find is hard water. Even if you have a hard water softener we are going to find mineral deposits on some surface while cleaning in Austin. The same thing happens when water sits in a vase over time. It will eventually have a white ring showing the water line from the past flowers. This white ring is actually a mineral deposit that is left when the water that was in the vase evaporates. Your vase may have more than one white ring. Multiple rings show every time the water evaporated.

Steps On How To Clean A Flower Vase

Vases come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Usually the prettier vases are the hardest ones to clean. They either have a very small opening that our hands can’t really get into to scrub or they are shaped in a way that seems impossible to clean. Don’t worry though! With these tips, you should be able to clean most of your vases back to sparkling condition. No matter what the size or shape there are easy tricks on how to clean a vase. Try these tips:

1. Pour a good amount of Baking Soda in the vase to about 1/4th full.

2. Fill the remainder of the vase with White Distilled Vinegar (Do this process over the sink in case it bubbles faster than you can cover it.

3. Shake the vase with the opening covered rigorously. The acid in the vinegar will meet the baking soda causing an immediate non scratching paste that works when you shake it.


4. Dropping an Efferdent Tablet used to clean dentures in with warm water does the trick too. It usually changes colors once it’s clean.

5. If that oddly didn’t do the job you can add some salt 🧂 or aquarium gravel to the baking soda and white distilled vinegar mix….Make sure the vase isn’t made of a light, delicate glass and you have already tried both the Vinegar and Efferdent methods. Get some aquarium gravel and put a good amount into the vase. Add water and shake rigorously. The gravel is soft enough to not scratch the glass but hard enough to scrub the angles of the vase.

Dry your vase and store it for your Spring Bouquets!

Isn’t the bow that came with your Valentine’s bouquet a lovely addition? Did you know that most floral shops put a bow around the vase because they know the mineral deposits will begin to build up within a day or two? Well, now you know the trick in keeping your flower vases clean and ready for the next time!

My Favorite Austin Weekend Brunch Spot

I just love the ambiance at Perlas Austin for weekend Brunch after providing a long week of Downtown Austin cleaning services. It’s always clean and full of good seafood and flowers! I spoke to the waiter and he said their flowers are delivered weekly. Each table has one special flower and a huge arrangement in the back. I’m sure in between washing dishes those vases are also cleaned this way weekly.