mounted deer head with a colorful crochet covering it

The slogan attached to our great city Austin, TX is to “Keep Austin Weird” We have all heard it, and most likely all seen it too!  I live here and still find myself laughing daily at some Keep Austin Weird Moments.  From the lady on the sidewalk in front of Black Swan Yoga with her mat doing yoga right there in front of all the 5th Street passer-bys, to the guys that ride bicycles around in a nude thong for no apparent reason other than a better sun tan, we have all seen it! However some of us may turn our noses up to those quirks in Austin and not even realize that inside most of our homes we have some odd things going on. Since our cleaning service is quite personal we don’t offer estimates over the phone.  We prefer to come out and meet the potential client and their homes to get an exact idea of the level of dirt, surfaces, pets and number of occupants in the home so we know just what to bring to service properly.

What might not seem weird to you may seem weird to your house guests Let’s face it every one doesn’t like everything.  So everyone that steps foot in your home may not understand the value in the items you have in your home and the reasoning behind them.


We live in Texas so it may not seem weird but having a deer mount on your wall is quite odd.  It states many things without even asking.

  1. You don’t mind dead animals hanging out in your home while you are gone.
  2. You have taken pride in your latest hunting victim and want all house guests to acknowledge. you for it
  3. You live outside the box and have realized that pictures aren’t the only things that can hang from the wall.


Since this large object has now found a home on your wall and most likely in a very high place that is unreachable to most, how in the world are you going to keep this thing clean.  You barely have time to clean the obvious items in your home so this thing is going to take some research.  Don’t worry about researching it we’ve got you covered in 2 steps.


Whatever you do DON’T VACUUM IT! I know you are probably anxious to pull out that awesome vacuum with it’s wonderful cleaning tools for every surface but I can guarantee you your vacuum doesn’t have an attachment for “weird objects” or deer mounts.  Vacuuming a deer mount will cause more damage than good.  Using any kind of suction on the mount can damage the hair and create tufts of hair to stand up and then you may have a weirder object on your hands than you started with.


Do use a microfiber rag and gently wipe the hair the way it grows and not the opposite way. Use a lambswool duster to remove any cobwebs that have attached themselves. Also take the time out every 6 months or so to look inside the ears and any openings on the mounts to look for any bugs that may have found a new home.  Some bugs like to start eating away at your mount if it hasn’t been preserved right.  If you see bugs appearing and eating away at the hair you know your mount was not preserved right and you should take it back immediately to fix the situation.

Housekeeper alert Make sure to educate your housekeeper or cleaning company on how often and what to look for in cleaning your weird objects in your home.  Because All Purpose Cleaner really isn’t All Purpose.  Especially in this matter.

Now after reading this article and following the instructions you may have found some other “Keep Austin Weird” items around your home.  Remember that All Purpose Cleaner doesn’t clean all and a little research goes a long way into keeping our weird items clean. 

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