three girls running on a beach with the words summer sun shine

Summer has hit us full blast this year and vacations are beckoning us to get away and just relax. However before you apply the sunscreen, pack the suitcases and set the alarm on the house here are a few tips to make sure your home is summer ready. 1. Check all faucets and toilets to make sure none are running constantly and are in need of repair. You don’t want to come home to a flooded home from a drippy faucet or running toilet issue 2. Change your home’s air filters to the 3 month air filter. Summer get’s quite busy with school being out and travels being in. The routine tends to get off of schedule so if you change your filter now you won’t have to again until school starts 3.Make an inspection on your decks, siding and trim. Check if any touch-up work needs to be performed before the winter animals find the holes to bury themselves in your home. 4. Control garbage can odor which tends to be horrible in the summer due to the scorching heat. All it takes is a gallon of vinegar to disinfect the can then fill it up half way with water spray the sides and top also…let it stand 10 min then rinse…scrub if needed 5.Inspect your gutters and clean out any debris. Summer thunderstorms won’t be too much of a bother if you have already cleaned the gutters out. (this should be done in the spring but we are sure you were too busy planting flowers) 6. Set up your pest control now! Inspect your yards for carpenter ants, termites, ticks and fleas. Our animals tend to spend a lot of time basking in the sun and the bugs are just waiting for our fury animals to hop on. Now plan a vacation!