The Simple and Efficient Way to Clean/Disinfect Your Home During COVID-19 Or Any Virus.

When this COVID-19 outbreak occurred it brought panic to people to rush and buy all sorts of chemical cleaners, many of which are unnecessary or ineffective against viruses. The simple and efficient way to clean and disinfect isnot in panicking but understanding.

Understanding How To Clean &
Disinfect Your Home.

Understanding what you are bringing into your home and how your own steps from the front door can stop the spread of any illness is the first step.
When we understand how to live in a more clean, hygienic way daily, cleaning and disinfecting is easier.

Understand your surfaces and note that every cleaner on the cleaning aisle at H-E-B that says all purpose disinfectant cannot be sprayed on all surfaces! I’ve seen granite look hazy and marble destroyed by someone simply not understanding the surface or the cleaner.

Removing To Effectively Clean & Disinfect Your Home.

Removing should start at the front door by removing shoes and washing hands before touching or doing anything! The rush to relax at home should be paused by the mental note of the dirty world outside that we live in and not wanting to bring those germs into our homes. 
Everything you stepped on or touched should be removed before you relax in your home.
This is why we wear heavy duty gloves and protectant covers and sprays on our shoes to disinfect when professionally cleaning.

Cleaning Fact To Effectively Clean & Disinfect Against The COVID-19 & Other Viruses In Your Home.

Seeing all of the hand sanitizers and every single cleaner in the grocery store fly off the shelves is shocking because a simple combination of soap & water remains one of the strongest weapons against infectious diseases, including the novel coronavirus.

Why does Soap work? Soap works so effectively because its chemistry pries open the coronavirus’s exterior envelope and cause it to degrade. These soap molecules then trap tiny fragments of the virus, which are washed away in water.

When we provide Austin maid housekeeping cleaning services, we have a 7 step procedure to efficiently clean rooms. We understand that for our procedures to work, we have to do them step by step to clean effectively.
You have to clean before you disinfect and you have to understand before you clean.

COVID-19 fact to know

All viruses are bits of genetic code packed inside a collection of proteins and lipids, which can include a fat-based casing known as a viral envelope. Destroying an enveloped virus takes less effort than their non-enveloped compatriots, such as the stomach-busting norovirus, which can last for months on specific surfaces. Enveloped viruses typically survive outside of a body for only a matter of days and are considered among the easiest to kill, because once their fragile exterior is broken down, they begin to degrade.

Imagine the balloons in the pic below to be the virus. You can’t spray. You have to break down the barrier outside of them to kill them. So understanding what to remove, how to clean and break down the virus will help you understand then how to disinfect.

Disinfecting against Home viruses

After you’ve understood how to remove the unnecessary and not welcomed germs on hands and shoes into your home, then understood the surfaces and how to effectively clean them without damaging them, now you can disinfect.
Disinfectants (not cleaners) should not be rinsed off.
The CDC has a recommended list of approved disinfectants and cleaners for this particular virus on porous surfaces.  Keep in mind they just added over 40 more to this list prior to the recent outbreak. Effective products will have an EPA registration number on the packaging. See link here.

Regular cleaning of your home reduces the spread of germs and dust making disinfecting easier.

Even though the city of Austin is at a standstill and most of us have more time on our hands than we usually did, it’s a great time to reevaluate how we clean and disinfect our home regularly.
Hiring a local Austin Housecleaning service on a regular basis, helps reduce the germ spread in your home making spraying a disinfectant a breeze.