Tip To Breathing Easier in the Crane Jungle of Downtown Austin

In the heart of downtown Austin, where every window view shows some sort of building crane, it’s easy to find it hard to breathe clearly throughout the seasons. Breathing easier in the crane jungle of Downtown Austin can be hard outside seasonly, but doesn’t have to impact your indoor breathing as well. Whether you’re going out for a quick morning dog walk, or running one of Austin’s hiking trails, we often end up tracking in so much outdoor dust, pollen and debris that we tend to forget this monthly maintenance reminder. I’ve found this to be the number one factor in breathing easier while living in Downtown Austin. We filter our coffee beans, our vacuum when it picks up debris, but we tend to forget the importance of our HVAC filters. Our Downtown Austin Cleaning Services can change apartment filters for you or send you a reminder. Because we all know that building maintenance of these things seem to get overlooked. Or they install the crappiest filters that really don’t help with your indoor air quality as much as they could. Check Out Downtown Austin’s latest reports on growth https://downtownaustin.com/economic-development/state-of-downtown/

The Crane Jungle: Understanding Air Pollution

Downtown Austin living comes with its many walkable perks, but that also means higher levels of air pollutants like vehicle emissions, pollen and dust. These particles settle on surfaces making it dusty and they linger in the air and can cause allergy flares and respiratory issues.

The Silent Hero: The Importance Of Air Filters

Enter the silent hero of indoor air quality control that’s tucked away in a HVAC closet that is working overtime every time your AC/Heat goes on. If you rely on your building maintenance to change these out, I highly suggest you place your own Amazon Filter orders on subscription. That way you can get the highest quality if you have pets or high allergy concerns. Because we all know the maintenance man isn’t bringing in the best filters for your home, he’s bringing in the cheapest for the building. The air filter and it’s closet area require routine maintenance and high quality attention to detail to keep your home free of all the flying pollutants you can’t see that the cranes of Downtown Austin are building up.

Your Personalized Downtown Austin Maid Service To The Rescue.

We don’t just do your laundry and clean your home. We provide you with routine maintenance alerts and services to keep your home cleaner longer. So if you buy the filters, we can usually replace them for you. Your home has so many filters that get used but rarely cleaned because they are out of sight, but we know where they are and how to clean them. A couple missed ones are your vacuum filter and range top filter (usually under the microwave or hood of the rangetop). We can add these into the routine to keep the filters clear and clean so they can work efficiently for the indoor air quality of your downtown condo. https://pennyspersonaltouch.com/cleaning-blog/your-cleaning-service-for-downtown-austin-condos/

Penny’s Personal Touch Note

So next time you schedule your Downtown Austin cleaning service with us, ask about our filter cleaning routine personalized to your home specifics. Every breath counts if you’re living in the downtown crane center of Austin so we might as well help you make them cleaner and clearer. We understand dirt and dust goes far beyond just settling onto a surface and can affect our health if not cleaned routinely.