How To Put A Duvet Cover On In 25 Seconds

After this tip went viral on our Instagram page, I knew I had to share it in a blog too. It’s something we do so effortlessly as downtown Austin housekeepers, that we underestimate how we’ve made such a daunting task so much easier with these steps. So, here you go! How to put a duvet cover on in 25 seconds!

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1. Turn the Duvet Inside Out

It sounds odd, but it’s one of the keys to one of the easiest ways to put a duvet cover on. Place the duvet cover on the bed inside out with the opening at the bottom of the bed.

2. Duvet Insert Time

Now place the duvet insert on top of the inside out duvet.

3. Connect the Corners

Tie all four corners so that once the process is done and you are snug as a bug in the bed, the duvet and insert don’t decide to play slip and slide while you try to rest. We’ve all been there where you see one part of the cover has more duvet insert than the other side.

4. Time To Roll

Now we are going to begin to roll the duvet from the top of the bed, all the way to the bottom where the opening is. I’ve done this by myself or with another person, as shown below in the video. It all depends on what you think may be easiest for you.

5. Insert Rolled Corners

This is the part that is easier shown than told so I hope the video helps display this for you. We are now inserting each rolled up corner in the opening part of the duvet. Once both sides are inserted we can pull over the opening where the buttons or zippers are and button up the roll.

6. Unroll the Duvet

This is the fun part where you see the magic happen. No shaking required, just simply unrolling the work. The key is to keep your hand at seam once you have unrolled all the way back to the top to ensure the duvet insert has rolled out evenly.