image of vacuum on a carpet

Vacuuming on a regular basis removed dust 😷 and allergens, but it can also make your allergies flare up 😮.  if you don’t …..make sure to do a few preventive maintenance things ✅ other than just changing the bag or emptying the canister. The last thing any Austin Resident that deals with seasonal allergies wants to hear is that their cleaning methods could be the leading cause behind their allergy flare up.


Have you ever turned your vacuum on only to be greeted by an odor that was far from the scent of clean? The vacuums job is to  suck up dirt, allergens, pet dander and more on the floor but while doing it’s job it can also be overworked just like you and me.  If you don’t EMPTY the bag/canister at least monthly, then the dirt builds up and causes issues in many areas of the vacuum that you can’t see but eventually can smell. A vacuum filters job is to capture microscopic particles before it damages the vacuum motor. However if the filters are not cleaned, then they simply get clogged. A clogged air filter can’t leave anything clean and will eventually break down from the inside causing the vacuum to first smell, and eventually not suck well causing it to break. 


How to Clean Your Vacuum Filter

At least once a month you should take your vacuum canister apart and clean the filter(s). Most vacuum filters are easily able to be cleaned by removing the bulk gunk and then rinsing them clean in the sink. Leave to air dry and then put it back together.


The Filter of the vacuum is the main component to making a vacuum the best vacuum for allergy sufferers! However if you don’t maintain the filter by cleaning it then it will do more harm than good by spewing out dust and debris back into your homes air. Any vacuum with a Hepa Filter is recommended for allergy sufferers but it can only trap so much. Consumer reports showed Miele on the top rated vacuum for allergy sufferers twice and we recommend them as well.When we provide our maid services in Austin and surrounding areas our Housekeepers come equipped with a Miele vacuum for hard surfaces. We prefer to use our clients
vacuum for carpets as not to transfer pet dander and more from the carpet fibers house to house.