Image of a Neimen Marcus magazine

In between sorting through mail and tossing the bills on the floor, (oh and wine with 3 ice cubes) 🍷the truth came out kinda sorta. I was left with Experience Life Magazine from Lifetime (I should probably use that membership) My 40% off anything coupon from Last Call (I’ll be using that tomorrow) 😁 and The Neiman Marcus Spring 2019 Book. Something wasn’t right, and it wasn’t the bills on the floor.🧐 or the wine because it was my first glass 😬 but it was the…..scent that lingered so much I had to find it. It surely wasn’t the Genoa Salami I was assuming to be dinner with wine to keep it light since I’ve missed Lifetime Gym 🧐 I had barely got on page 21 on The Woman’s Side Of The Book 📚 from Neiman Marcus so I doubted it was that. So ………………………I took a bath. 🛀

Dont act Brand New like baths aren’t your way of escaping reality too! But reality always has that way of slapping us back to the moment, and that’s what happened after the bath.

Damn That Smell Is Attractive

Lisa Rogers from HTown @spicytexan10 posted an IG post that was straight facts…

She is about to turn 50 on the game and is spitting nothing but truth to the young ones on this one. But we as humans tend to get so caught up in scents, that some stores sell us by the way they smell. I know you’ve walked past the Abercrombie low lit store in the Malls. The scent is literally nose catching.
Before we get caught up in the smell let me break something down to you.

When Is A Home Fragrance Too Much?

Its hard for us to know how our homes smell because we live in them. However when you go out of town for a long period of time you may come back feeling like Jill Scott Lyric’s. It smells real good at first, then you get used to it, then you go away and come back and realize that scent really ain’t for everybody. Imagine how your home guests may feel when they enter your home then. 👀 A home fragrance can make your head hurt to the point of headaches and trouble breathing. So don’t get caught up on overdoing what smells good to you.

Now I’m on the second sleeve of Milano cookies and third glass of wine without ice so the facts are flowing in unfiltered truth if you’re ready….

How To Make My Home Smell Fresh

Everyone’s definition of fresh ain’t the same just like everyone’s definition of clean is clearly not the same (Something I’ve found tot be true when we train housekeepers to provide House Cleaning In Austin they think they know 🧽 clean) So check yourself! You’re not trying to win over a sale of merchandise when someone comes through your front door so chill on the overbearing strong scents of Japanese cherry blossoms in every room from Bath and Body Works.

If you have a personal favorite fragrance that smells amazing to you… rock it… just don’t over do it! Remember the key word is simplicity! Since you’re not slanging t shirts out the front door 🚪 then there’s no need to over scent the home. The key to make a home smell fresh is simplicity in the choice of fragrance.

Oils, Sprays Or 🕯 Candles… Oh My 🤭

The scent that caught my attention while digging through mail was a small insert from Hermès Un Jardin Sur La Lagune and BABY it smelled divine! They key 🔑 was that the small insert enclosed within 260 pages of Neiman Marcus Spring Catalog was one small piece that took over my space. The secret to that was the oil, not the consistent spray or candle burning. When we clean homes and apartments in Austin and Dallas we use specific oils. Oils linger and Sprays need a finger…. 👈🏽 inserted a PennyIsm there lol.

Don’t Be Fooled By Your Nose 👃🏽

Did you know that there are companies that scent your mail? Yep honey GOOGLE IT!
from adding a scent and peel, to varnished coatings with scents to attract you to turn the page and personally connect with items from jotni my what you see but what you smell.

When we clean homes in SpanishOaks or Apartments in downtown Austin we always have goals. Goal one is to clean the space with a personal touch 💚 and goal two is to leave a feeling of clean is sight and scent.
Cheers from the end of the Wine Bottle 🍷
Penny 🤷🏻‍♀️