The hotel secret you should sleep with at home

Let’s talk dirty in the bedroom for a few minutes since we are a day after Valentine’s Day and we may be washing sheets and making coffee. Here’s a quick read to shock and educate you quickly at the same time. There are not too many things that can shock a housekeeper the day after Valentine’s Day because let’s be real, we are all humans and the bedroom is where werelax, relate and release after a long day. One thing that can be really shocking to people about the bedroom is…many allergies start there.

The Hotel Housekeeping Secret

Have you ever gotten into a hotel bed and wondered why is it tucked so tight? And how do they get it tucked so tight, anyway? Hint: this can sometimes be a three-step sheet process!Maybe, maybe not. Most of us are too exhausted to care, or just wanna relax and don’t notice. This hotel secret however is the way hotels keep their comforters clean and dust levels to the bare minimum in any bedroom.
It’s all in the sheets! 
The thread count isn’t a factor here, but the number of sheets is.
Most hotels use a three-sheet process to protect the comforter and occupants in the bed from dust.


Personal Experience In Keeping Allergens to a Minimum

I went to grab my black eye mask on the side of my bed and was shocked at my own bedroom secret. I travel to our Dallas location using the Vonlane Bus at least weekly and use this eye mask to sleep. It had a light coat of grey dust. I was immediately grossed out. I dust often and change my sheets weekly, but didn’t expect there to be dust on an eye mask I use weekly. 
That very moment took me back to when our house cleaning in Downtown Austin Condo clients taught us how to make their bed. 🤓
I know it sounds funny to hear that after providing cleaning services in downtown Austin for over 24 years that I’d need some instruction on how to make a bed but I was schooled quickly.

The Secret That Hotels Use That Our Client Taught Us Too

So if the eye mask is collecting dust in a week on my nightstand, imagine the dust collecting in a comforter on the bed. We wash the sheets often, but the comforter is protecting the sheets from the dust and collecting it over time.
In 24 years I’ve had two clients with this three-sheet process and today I truly know why they implement it.
STEP 1. Place fitted sheet on the bed.
STEP 2. Place a longer flat sheet on the bed but fit it to where it will cover over the comforter and sheets and fold back to the design or embroidered top area of the sheet.
STEP 3. Place comforter and top sheet over the comforter.
STEP 4. Fold the sheets over the comforter and hospital corner tuck them in to make a secure fitting.
Sleep 😴

Who Has Time For That?

Small decisions we make daily are the reasons we live the way we live. As we all know, our health will stop us in our tracks without warning!  We know you want to stay healthy but you probably don’t want to move to a hotel permanently (by the way, Hotel ZaZa in downtown Austin really knows how to make the sheets perfect for a fantastic night’s sleep). 

​So, if a small change to washing your duvet more often, or implementing the three sheet step hotel secret to your own bedroom is not high on the priority, then you can just click and call us to do that routinely for you.