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Isn’t it ironic that the one place we use to clean our bodies daily is the one place we neglect to clean often? Since the shower isn’t somewhere that our guests see when we entertain (usually… wink, wink) we tend to dismiss the need for routine cleaning until we can’t see through the glass anymore. Did you know that the main culprit for the image above is literally the same thing that we use to clean our bodies? Yes Soap! Soap that we use to clean our body dirt produces soap scum that we tackle to clean off of the shower.
Bar soaps contain parrafin wax and when you go to scrub it with a cleanser it just smears. Eventually causing a paste like substance that builds up over time and most people blame not having a hard water softener as the issue.

Theres a simple trick to never clean soap scum again in the shower…

Of course the easiest trick I would personally recommend is to click the link. Your teeth are on a routine schedule for a cleaning service so why not get your house on a routine too?


The Second Easiest Way to Not Deal With Soap Scum in the Shower…

Trade your Bar Soap in for a Liquid Cleanser or Liquid Soap. Liquid Soap is more like a detergent than a soap. Detergent disperses fat and grime instead of attracting it like Bar Soap does. We’ve been providing housecleaning services in Austin and surrounding areas for over 21 years so please believe we’ve seen our fare share of showers. It doesn’t take long for me to determine if a homeowner has hard water or they use liquid soap.

Since bathrooms haven’t become self cleaning yet that means we are still in business and here to help you see through your glass shower doors again. The above video was a before and after (which only took 20 minutes) of a soap scum removal process our housekeepers use.
You make the first step by switching from Bar Soap to Liquid cleansers and we will make the second step by providing your home with routine Housekeeping services.

Its a win win to stay clean either way!